Top web hosting company in bangladesh

A web hosting company offers organizations or individuals to create their own websites and gives access to the World Wide Web. These companies generally provide storage on their servers. The servers may be owned by the clients or leased for use. The hosting companies not only provide space but also take responsibility for web security.

In every country, there are a lot of web hosting companies. If you are looking for the best web hosting companies in Bangladesh, you are most welcome. We are going to make a list of the 10 best web hosting companies in Bangladesh.

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in BD:

ExonHost started its journey in 2009. This is a well-known hosting company in Bangladesh that offers Reseller hosting, premium hosting, and Private Server solutions. The company is confined to providing enterprise-level solutions.

Even if you want to move from other hosts to ExonHost, it will let you transfer your files for free. Their premium hardware is able to give you high-performance services.
Hosting Types: Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Reseller, and Shared
Starting Price: BDT 167/month
Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Walletmix, Internet Bank, Rocket, bKash

Hosting Bangladesh is one of the most wanted web hosting companies in Bangladesh. There is no doubt that they are proficient in Corporate Web Solutions. Besides, they take a very reasonable price in exchange for their standard hosting services.

In addition, they are specialized in Web programming solutions, Search Engine Promotion, E-commerce, Web Marketing, Web Design, Business Web Solution as well as web hosting.
Hosting Types: Dedicated, VPS Server, Reseller, WordPress, Corporate, and SSD
Starting Price: BDT 800/year
Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard

Hostever was founded in 2011. This company provides RDP, VDS, VPS, Reseller hosting, and dedicated server with domain registration. It provides amazing services. Because of its market-leading data centers, it has got great popularity in Bangladesh. Their services are secured, reliable, and affordable.

Hostever never dissatisfied its clients. Their dedicated customer care is well-reputed. You can get a 3-layer data backup if you choose the advance plan. Besides, this company offers a lifetime free SSL certificate.
Hosting Types: Corporate, SSD, Budget, and Advance
Starting Price: BDT 150/month
Payment Methods: Payoneer, PayPal, Internet Banking (YouPay, Bank Asia, CityTouch, etc.), QCash, DBBL Nexus, AMEX card, MasterCard, Visa Card, iPay, Upay, SureCash, Rocket, and bKash

In Bangladesh, Eicra has great fame in web hosting, web design, web development, and domain name registration. Like other web hosting companies, they offer several packages. Its price plan starts from BDT 500/year and the highest price plan is BDT 25,000/year. Amazingly, the server of this company supports MySQL and PHP.
Hosting Types: Dedicated Server, eCommerce, Unlimited, Windows Server, Linux Server
Starting Price: BDT 500/year
Payment Methods: bKash, Skrill, 2Checkout, Bank Deposit

MyLightHost started its journey in 2013. Within a few years, this company has become popular across the county for assuring high-performance web hosting services. The customers of this hosting company can get reliable customer support 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

You can choose any of their 4 hosting packages: Ultimate, Deluxe, Standard, and Economy. It is worth saying Ultimate and Standard packages offer free domain facilities.
Hosting Types: Dedicated server, VPS server, Shared and Reseller
Starting Price: BDT 254.9/month
Payment Methods: bKash, DBBL, Visa, MasterCard, IFIC Bank, City Bank, and PayPal

Having started in 2012, Web Host BD has been providing outstanding services for its customers. Are you looking for a good internet hosting company? Then, it might be your great choice. This company uses a US Data-center. Do not hesitate to join their US-based hosting server.

This company is great for its dedicated customer support. They are confined to helping their customers immediately. Like other domain hosting companies, it accepts all the popular payment gateways in Bangladesh.
Hosting Types: Dedicated Server, Reseller, VPS, and Shared
Starting Price: BDT 1000/year
Payment Methods: National Bank, DBBL, BRAC Bank, City Bank, Nagad, NexusPay, bKash, and Rocket



EySoft IT Solution maintains this hosting service. It provides a number of premium services like web hosting on safe servers. There is nothing to say anything new about its security and reasonable cost. Many individuals, business institutions, and organizations have been taking their hosting services.

The servers of this company are co-located in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Besides, they are committed to providing customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Are you ready to get their services?
Hosting Types: Reseller, WordPress, Shared
Starting Price: BDT 123.54/year
Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard



Zhost is another awesome web hosting company in Bangladesh. They have several packages such as Unlimited, Extreme, Enterprise, Corporate, Professional, Business, Smart, and Starter. Amazingly, they offer MoneyBack Guarantee. Domains like .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz are completely free if you choose Zhost.

Besides, it offers a premium SSL certificate completely for free. Interestingly, they charge a little money for their hosting services that are affordable for the common people of Bangladesh.
Hosting Types: VPS, Reseller, Shared
Starting Price: BDT 1500/year
Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Rocket, bKash


Dhaka Web Host

Dhaka Web Host is an IT Firm and private web hosting company. It started its journey in 2011. Since then, they have been providing satisfactory services. This company has already provided its web hosting service for around 2500 individuals and business institutions.

You have probably heard the name “Liquid Web”. It is one of the best data centers in the world. Dhaka Web Host Limited uses its servers. So, it undoubtedly provides the best hosting services.
Hosting Types: Reseller, Dedicated, VPS, Shared
Starting Price: BDT 600/year
Payment Methods: Cash, Internet Bank, MasterCard, Visa, Rocket, bKash



HostMight provides domain hosting services across the world. In Bangladesh, HostMight started the activities in 2010. Till now, they have been playing a great role in hosting solutions.

They became popular in a very short time in Bangladesh due to their standard solutions. The US-based datacenter used by this company is able to provide secured and reliable services.
Hosting Types: VPS, Fully Managed, Reseller, Shared
Starting Price: BDT 1499/year
Payment Methods: bKash, Rocket, DBBL Nexus, Visa, MasterCard

Final Words

Due to the rapid increase of web services, web hosting has become one of the most wanted facts in Bangladesh. The importance of web hosting is a vital part for the website owners not only in Bangladesh but also in the whole world.

What if you could get the web hosting easily and smoothly for managing your website? I hope this article will help you find the best web hosting company in Bangladesh.

For example, if someone wants to find Web Host BD in online what he/she is to do? He/She is to simply address “Web Host BD” by some name that is memorable and easy-to-spell to every server, is that desired name which is called domain name.

Many confuse domain with hosting or URL but technically those are different.

What’s the use of domain?

Domain is used to represent a single or multiple IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and can be used in URL address to indicate any website. Every domain name has two parts; first part has a unique name known widely as Second-level domain which adjoins with a suffix that indicates the Top-level domain (TLD) that it belongs to.  Only a limited number of such TLD’s belongs, for example:

.com – commercial business

.org – Organizations (nonprofit)

.gov – Government agencies

.edu – Educational institutions

.mil – Military

.net – Network organizations

.ca – Canada Etc.

In Bangladesh, .bd & .বাংলা is the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) in the Internet, It is the address of Bangladesh in the internet world. Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) is the registration authority of both ccTLD. BTCL domain names includes:– Intended for Commercial entities– Intended for Not-for-profit entities for personal names, only individuals Restricted to Bangladeshi Internet Service Provider’s infrastructure Restricted to Bangladeshi Educational institute, college and universities Restricted to Bangladeshi Academic institute, schools and coaching center Restricted to Government

Why Web Host BD is considered the best? 

Web Host BD is the top most domain service provider company in Bangladesh as of Alexa ranking, different web directory and clients poll in latest rankings. What makes us apart and number one? The answer is very simple:

  • We never compromise with quality, we are always in a quest of offering the best services and continuously improving client experience.
  • Integrity is our core strength, when we sell a domain to a client we convey full control panel authority to them because we know and value the confidentiality and importance of a domain name since it is the life of business.
  • We always try our level best to keep our commitment and delivery crystal clear clarity of our offer.
  • We offer sole dedication in customer care, we are open ended for any client objection and query.
  • We comply all the process of Kaizen of Total Quality Management (TQM), we are always on the process of continuous development in our service improvisation and maintaining highest level of client satisfaction.
  • We patiently pay heed to our client, help them in finding out the optimum solution of their demand in most cost-effective way, the Best value.

How much does it cost to purchase a domain name?

Now it’s about costing, the question among millions. Why prices are different? What matters the pricing? What gives you the best value? Is there anything better than other?

Similarly, hundreds of questions come in mind while purchasing decision of a domain. A thumbs rule is demand supply gap, in precise, the availability of the domain name that you are demanding. Based on this availability, easiness of pronunciation and writing and TLD’s variation price varies. For example, some are premium domains that is sold by brokerage with high price, some with short names are also high priced,and different TLD name offers different price.

Top service provider who has earned proven trust or high satisfaction into clients through brand positioning may charge higher considering their high-level service quality. Apart from international domain registration pricing Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited’s (BTCL) registration processes tenure is minimum 2 years and their price follow different government charges, VAT’s etc. altogether. Direct purchase price from BTCL or indirect purchase through any reseller also matters in pricing, reseller may add additional service charges along with the government charges.

All above considerations catalyze pricing for domain,so schedule of price of different domain hosting service provider is different for catering different client demand. 

What is the process of domain name registration?

While choosing a domain name one must undergo his need assessment first. That is a person intended to purchase a domain must answer the following questions,

  • Why he/she wants to purchase the domain? It could be personal interest or professional or institutional. Since in purchasing TLD name there are some guidelines or suggestions and restrictions the required TLD name group is to be targeted first in accordance of demand.
  • After selecting the TLD name one should find availability of desired Second-level domain or the preceding affix of the TLD’s following different domain name selection criteria. Since there are over 330 million domains registered till date finding a suitable one among these ocean is a big deal.
  • At this stage client should consider the registrar or reseller registrar from whom he would purchase the domain. Usually it is general thought that buying directly from registrar and avoiding the intermediaries is the best way, but this is not always that straight. In this phase also, different issues are to be in consideration. Locality of buyer and registrar is among the key issues to be considered because ease of direct communication in getting support is important. Some clients are reluctant to overseas registrar for language or cultural hindrance, some prefer reference accreditation, while someone prefers to rest the matter to his web developer’s jurisdiction since he is technically expert. Considering all these it is preferably advised to purchase domain from any renowned local company who has client reputation, trustworthiness in market over time, good client services and clarity in service offer.
  • After selecting domain service provider client will proceed on purchase payment of the desired domain name, give own email address through which he wishes to purchase and confirm any service related communication. After that he is to get the relevant cash memo and the desired service with complete authority of C-panel of the domain name an EPP code. 

What are the consideration while registering a domain name?

Every activity starts with a desire, similarly domain or naming for your website also has a sole desire of introducing and popularizing it to the target audience. Means the target audience is the king, knowing much their pulse is the ultimate thing of success. So, in selecting a domain name the utmost priority should begetting the optimum reflection of their expectation. With a bunch of suggestion for domain name selection guidelines few crucial one could be as below,

  1. Make it easy to type

A critical name to type deters client to remember it and associate unexpected toil in finding and typing. A name easy to type is memorable, transferable and usable.

  1. Make it easily understandable to the target community

While selecting domain name the target market or target audiences’ demography, language and culture should be considered so that the name will bring meaning to them and raise their interest. Depending on the target name could be ethnic, national, transnational or internationally recognizable word.

  1. Narrow the target by the name

Recalling an old proverb, “Aim small miss small”. Make your name directive and narrow to reach your target with smallest error.

  1. Keep it short

A long name should be avoided, like the first consideration a short name is much more memorable, easy for typing and transferable. A good name should have less syllable, lyrical or rhythmic, avoided of number and hyphens etc. Name with at best 10 characteristics or maximum 2 words.

  1. Use keywords in name string

Try to use keywords that best describes your business and the services you offer.Any personality or key attributes or anything closely related to the business could be considered in name choosing because it could attract the target. Like, Alibaba, Amazon etc., first one personality and the second one the object with symbol of vastness. 

  1. Consider alternative and mimicking domain extensions

Since domain name is far less expensive than company brand value it is better to protect your brand by purchase various domain extensions, as well as misspelled versions or mimicking versions of your domain name. This will prevent competitors and copycat far away from registering closer domain names and confirms your customers to your website.

  1. Choose the appropriate domain name extension

TLD extensions such as .com or .net, at the end of web addresses have specific user value, they vary depending upon your entity. Some of these you are advised to intend while some are obliged, means, you cannot take it unless and until you fall into those categories. Use country-specific domain extensions for optimizing your business to focus your business location, you could use multiple ccTLDs (country-code Top Level Domains) for country specific business.

  1. Make sure of a 360-degree research onto the domain name

The chosen name should be researched and crosschecked thoroughly to make it sure that the domain name you’ve chosen isn’t trademarked or copyrighted or being used by other company that has taken name clearance in favor of them. This is very important since it could result in a huge legal confusion and could end up with cost you a fortune, goodwill as well as your domain!

  1. Be memorable

Making yourself distinct among millions of registered domains your domain name should be essentially catchy and memorable. Once you’ve come up with a name, share it and test it with your trusted friends and relatives to make sure it sounds appealing and makes sense to others. But don’t share it too much otherwise the domain name could be early registered before you.

  1. Avoid ill practice

Avoid ill practice of mimicking another popular brand or confused with other brands, slang or words that come into any sort of discrimination or negative meaning in its operating environment.

  1. Versatility in meaning

A multiple meaning of a single word gives more value to audience and the name gains weight and memorability in this way.

Web Host BD provides domain registration service in Bangladesh and worldwide. When you purchase a domain from us. We provide your domain full maintenance control panel so that you can control it freely. You have to register our site to buy a domain form us. After registering our site, you will get a control panel. Your domain name is your online unique identity for your personal or business purpose. So we suggest you to choose a domain name wisely for your business or personal use or any others needs. Also we suggest a best domain hosting company for you. If you buy a domain from us. You can get web hosting in Bangladesh from us. Check your domain name availability that you want to register and buy it by registering our website or transfer your domain to us. Domain Registration as low as Tk. 950/- per year. Your domain name is registered instantly! Each Domain Registration comes with Lots of free features and your own maintenance control panel. You can Register any top level domain with us including .com .net .org, .info .us .biz .ws .mobi .tv etc and many more.

Thanking you for your patience into the tale of Domain Registration in Bangladesh with Web Host BD. Stay tuned with us to explore the topics even more in future. 

Written by Jane