Top ten hosting companies in india

If you are someone who wants to build a successful online business, then a reliable web hosting is the first thing you should start with! There are dozens of hosting solutions available in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the right one for your needs. 

Which is the Best Web Hosting in India??

But don’t you worry. Today, I’m going to reveal the Best Hosting Providers for 2022. After extensively researching and testing dozens of web hosting services for over a year, I’m finally here with the results. 

In this Best Web Hosting article, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of a variety of hosting services and find out the best possible use cases for each of them! So, with no more delay, let’s begin!

Pros of Cloudways

Lightning Fast Speeds

With Cloudways, you get to experience extremely swift website speeds with almost no downtime! 

Exceptional Load Handling

Cloudways is one of the best when it comes to load management. Even with numerous requests, it maintains a stable response time with zero HTTP failures.


The uptime of Cloudways has been a solid 99.99% in the last 332 days. Even the cheapest server of Digital Ocean provides 99.99% uptime, which is really impressive. 

Global Data Centers 

Because it partners with unmanaged hosting companies like Linode, AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Vultr, you get access to 65+ data center locations spanning the globe!

Managed Cloud Servers

With Cloudways you get access to Managed cloud servers which comes with ease of use. Everything from backups to server management, apps installation, updates, and resource monitoring is just one click away!

Easy Scalability 

It is an extremely flexible service so you can increase or decrease your server’s capacity as per spikes in your website traffic. 

Good Support

Their live chat support is quick and responsive. Along with that, their support team is technically well-versed, and offers precise solutions for my queries.

Monthly Pricing Options 

You get the ‘Pay as you Go’ pricing model with Cloudways. This means that you only need to pay for what you use. They also offer monthly pricing models that are very cost effective.

No Extra Renewal Fee

It charges you a fixed amount for purchasing a new hosting or renewing one. You don’t need to pay additional charges for renewing your hosting. 

Cons of Cloudways

No Email Hosting

Sadly, you don’t get free email hosting on Cloudways. This feature can be enabled with their paid add-on called RackSpace. 

Slight Learning Curve 

Beginners might experience a slight learning curve with the numerous options and settings available in the Cloudways console. Though my training program can help you get started with Cloudways.

Cloudways is a highly popular managed hosting on top of unmanaged hosting providers, including Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Its pricing for the DigitalOcean servers starts from $10/month. I am using the same plan for my website,

You can get an extra 20% off for 3 months on your hosting purchases by using my coupon code KRIPESH. I also have a dedicated Training Program on how to use Cloudways hosting. So, you can check out the free preview lessons to get an idea about the course.

Cloudways is one of the best and most value for money hosting providers for 2022. If your website is receiving traffic of over 1 lakh visitors, Cloudways would be a better choice compared to WPEngine or Kinsta!

Pros of

Cloudflare Enterprise Support

You will get to experience all the benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise on, including fast speeds, excellent uptime, top-notch security, and a lot more!

100% Uptime 

In the last 167 days, it has maintained an unbelievable uptime of a solid 100%. This is again because of the Cloudflare Enterprise. 

Website Staging

You get a simple and straightforward staging process where you can test out changes and implement them on your live site effectively. 

Good Load Handling

It handled a large number of requests and maintained a stable response time. Thus, it handles load fairly well. 

Appreciable Backup Management

It created automatic daily backups for your website. Along with that, you can manually create and restore your backups at any time with a single click. 

Powerful Team

The CEO of has worked with a lot of tech giants, which makes them a trustworthy and reliable name in the hosting industry. 

Supports Ezoic Ads Now

They have recently added support for Ezoic ads. So, if you use Ezoic ads service, it can work seamlessly on now. 

Cons of

No Email Hosting

It does not offer email hosting. You need to implement this function via some other platforms.

Expensive for Beginners

With its hosting plans starting from $30/month, might be an expensive hosting option for beginners who have not started earning from their website. 

Problems with Backup Restoration 

Recently, I had faced issues while restoring backups on my website. After raising a support query, it took about 3 hours to restore my backup. is a new web hosting company in the market. It marks itself differently by integrating the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN with its hosting services. Its Starter plan is priced at $30/month, which I have also purchased. 

At the moment, they have their Launch Special Offer going on where you can get any hosting plan for $1 for the first month. For more discounts, you can use my coupon code KRIPESH to get 3 months off on any hosting plan of your choice!

Overall, looks like a great choice, but it’s not for beginners. If you’ve not started earning revenue from your website yet, this hosting would prove extremely expensive for you. But for more seasoned players making a living from their websites, the pricing is justified! 

Pros of ChemiCloud

Exceptional Support 

Their live chat support is one of the best I have experienced. Along with fast replies, their support team is also very experienced and offers intelligent responses to queries. 

Swift Speeds

Because ChemiCloud makes use of the powerful LiteSpeed servers, you get to experience lightning fast load speeds. 

Reliable Load Handling

With no HTTP failures and a shockingly low average response time even without tuning the cache plugin, ChemiCloud efficiently handled load. 

Litespeed Servers

 They use the Litespeed servers that guarantee blazing fast speeds and improved performance.

Free Domain for Life

If you register/transfer a domain to ChemiCloud, you get to use it for free till the time your hosting account remains active. 

Indian Data Centers

ChemiCloud has its data centers set up at 11 locations, including one in Mumbai, which is beneficial for the Indian audiences. 

45-Day Refund Policy

You get a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you want to test ChemiCloud hosting and analyse if it suits your needs. 

Free 50 cPanel Migrations  

You get to migrate 50 cPanel websites or 10 non-cPanel websites with ChemiCloud for free, which is quite a lot! No other web host is providing as many free migrations right now. 

Cons of ChemiCloud

Uptime can be Improved 

I have observed an uptime of 99.94% in the last 365 days, which is decent. Although it has seen significant improvement in the last few months, the uptime can definitely be improved further.
For the price I’m paying I was expecting a bit better.

ChemiCloud hosting has been growing at a swift pace since the last few years. Their pricing plans start from $3.95/month. I am using their Pro plan that comes for $6.95/month. You can also use my coupon code CCKRIPESHYT for additional discounts.

So, if you’re planning to get hosting for 3 years, ChemiCloud would be a pretty good option. Its Litespeed servers will also be beneficial if you’re planning to host an eCommerce store. 

Pros of Fastcomet

Lightning Fast Speeds

FastComet implements SSD-only storage on its hosting plans. Along with that, it has data centers around the globe and has Cloudflare CDN support. These factors result in super fast speeds and better performance!

Good Customer Support

The Live chat support of FastComet is fast as well as quite knowledgeable. 

Indian Data Centers 

They have their data centers established in 11 locations around the world, with one in Mumbai, India. This ensures better speeds for the Indian audiences.

Efficient Load Handling

FastComet maintains a stable response time with very few spikes, even with a large number of requests.

45-Day Refund Policy

FastComet offers a generous 45-day refund policy on its hosting plans. This is enough for thoroughly testing out all of their features. 

Affordable Pricing

The Shared Hosting plans of FastComet start at $2.95/month. This is completely value for money, considering the advanced features it provides.  

Good Uptime 

Their uptime has been 99.96% in the last 365 days, which is pretty good even for running a professional website. 

Cons of Fastcomet

No Free Domain

Unlike other web hosts, FastComet does not offer a free 1-year domain if you purchase its hosting plans.

FastComet is a renowned hosting provider gradually establishing itself in the hosting market. Its pricing plans start from $2.95/month. However, their Best plan is FastCloud Plus that comes for $4.45/month. 

An interesting feature of FastComet is that it offers a fixed discount percentage on all durations. So, if you purchase a hosting for 1 year or 3 years, the discounts will remain constant. I found this quite impressive!

FastComet has everything you need to start your dream website! In my opinion, it would be the most value for money option if you want a hosting for one year. 

Pros of Hostinger

Attractive Interface

Hostinger offers a modern and attractive hPanel to its users. It is a beginner-friendly interface that helps you manage your websites with ease. 

Impressive Speeds

Because Hostinger makes use of Litespeed servers, you’ll experience fast speeds on all locations. 

Reliable Uptime 

I experienced an uptime of 99.94% in the last 365 days on my website hosted on Hostinger. It used to be quite low, but they have improved a lot in the past few months. 

Affordable Rates

The plans offered by Hostinger are quite budget-friendly, starting from ₹79/month if you purchase them for longer durations.  

Efficient Load Handling

Hostinger skilfully handles a large number of requests and maintains a stable response time, guaranteeing an efficient load management.

UPI Payments Support

Hostinger supports Indian payment options like the UPI Payments, which is useful for the Indian customers. 

Asian Data Centers

Hostinger has 7 data centers, including India. This ensures better speeds in the Indian regions as well.

GST Invoice

If you have a GST number for your business, you can also get GST invoices when you purchase your hosting package.

Cons of Hostinger

Slow Support 

Their live chat support is quite slow in responding to queries. However, the tech team is quite knowledgeable and polite.

Hostinger is a popular budget hosting provider with shared hosting plans starting from ₹79/month when purchased for 48 months. The best plan is its Shared Business plan. 

At the moment, they have a sale live on their website. So, you can get hosting plans at discounted rates. If you wish to avail an additional discount, you can use my coupon code KRIPESH at checkout. 

If you purchase any hosting plan through my link, you’ll get a free entry into my Hostinger Training Program as well. 

Overall, Hostinger is still one of the best and most affordable hosting solutions in 2022. If you are a beginner just starting out with your blogging journey, Hostinger would prove to be a suitable option for you!

Pros of A2 Hosting

Super Fast Speeds

Because A2 Hosting uses the Litespeed servers, you will get to experience exceptionally fast page load speeds. 

Good Load Handling

It has powerful servers that handle load well. Even with numerous requests, the response time was stable, with zero request failures and minimal spikes. 

Pro Rata Refund Policy

It offers a convenient Pro rata based Refund Policy. This means they only charge you for the duration you use their hosting.

Cons of A2 Hosting

Average Support

Their ticket support is great for resolving your queries. But the live chat support, even though quick, lacks quality. 

Expensive Pricing

The hosting plans of A2 Hosting are slightly on the expensive side. This might be because of the advanced features they offer, along with being an established brand.

No Free Domain

You don’t get a free domain on any of their hosting plans. 

Decent Uptime 

I observed a 99.95% uptime on A2 Hosting. It has seen a major improvement in the last few months. But considering the high prices they are charging, they can improve their uptime even further. 

A2 Hosting one of the most established players in the web hosting market. Its pricing starts from $2.99/month. Their Best plan is the Turbo Boost plan that comes for $6.99/month. I have done all my testing on this plan itself!

In case you want 100 GB SSD storage for hosting a single website, you can check out their Startup plan. Otherwise, their Turbo Boost plan is the most value for money! 

I would recommend going with A2 Hosting when you’re unsure about the tenure, or if you’re getting this hosting on discount. They frequently keep on offering discounts. So, the best time to get it is when the discount is over 65%.

Pros of InMotion

Excellent Speeds 

InMotion provides great speeds in both US and Indian regions. It’s one of the best options if you want shared hosting. 

Efficient Load Handling

It maintains a stable response time with minimum spikes even with large amounts of traffic. 

Good Backup Management

Their Backup Manager is quite impressive. It lets you create and restore backups if your files and databases with a single click!

90-Day Refund Policy 

You get a very generous refund policy of 90 days. This is not seen in any other hosting providers. 

Decent Pricing

The hosting plans for InMotion start from $2.29/month, which is decent as per the features offered. 

BoldGrid Support

InMotion supports the BoldGrid WordPress plugin. It is a website builder that offers attractive themes, plugins, templates, and other tools to design the best WordPress website!

Reliable Uptime 

The uptime of InMotion hosting has been 99.96% in the last 150 days. This is quite good and you can use it on your professional business websites. 

Cons of InMotion

Non-Friendly Interface

The user interface of InMotion looks old and outdated. Therefore, beginners might not enjoy the overall experience. 

High Charges for Backup

InMotion does not offer free automatic backups. It charges $2/month for backing up the first 10 GB of your data.

Slow Support 

Their customer support is quite slow, but knowledgeable in responding to customers’ queries. 

No Data Centers in India

Their data centers are only located in the USA, which might cause lesser speeds and performance in other regions like India. 

InMotion is an established and reliable web host. Its pricing plans start from $2.29/month. I have used their Power plan that comes for $4.99/month for testing. 

With InMotion, you get good speeds, efficient load handling, uptime, as well as an exceptional refund policy! However, it is not the best with its UI or customer support.

Overall, if you have a US based audience, InMotion can be a good option for you!

Pros of HostArmada

Fast Speeds

You can experience fast page load speeds, even in Indian locations. This is because they have multiple data centers spread around the globe and they also offer Litespeed servers on their Speed Reaper plan. 

Good Load Handling

HostArmada handles load well, causing no request failures or spikes in the response time. Overall, it doesn’t raise any performance issues. 

Excellent Security

You will find a variety of security tools like Imunify360 for Network Firewall and WAF, Malware Protection, Brute-Force Protection, etc on HostArmada.

Indian Data Centers

HostArmada has 9 data centers across the globe, along with one in Mumbai. This enables them to provide better speeds and performance across different locations. 

24/7 Live Chat Support

You get 24/7 live chat support and their replies are quick and informative. You will have no problem getting your queries resolved. 

Decent Uptime 

I observed an uptime of 99.9% in the last 365 days on my website hosted with them. This is quite average. But considering the poor uptime they had previously, this is still a massive improvement. 

Cons of HostArmada

New Company 

HostArmada was founded recently in 2019 and is not an established web hosting provider yet. At the moment, they only have a small user base. It’s best to wait and see if they maintain the quality of their services in the future and then get hosting from them.

HostArmada is a new player in the web hosting market. Its hosting plans start from $3.59/month, which is quite expensive. I have purchased their Web Warp plan for $4.49/month. 

You can use my coupon code KRIPESH75 for getting a 75% discount on their plans.

HostArmada looks like a value for money product. But they are quite new right now. So, if you want to check it out, make sure to keep your backups stored at a separate location as a security measure.

Pros of Bluehost

Good Uptime 

I have observed an uptime of 99.92% in the last 365 days. There have been recent drops in the previous months which can be worked upon. 

CodeGuard Backups 

Bluehost offers CodeGuard backups that ensure an easy backup and restoration process. 

Easy to use Interface

The interface of Bluehost is quite convenient and easy to use. cPanel has all the features laid out in a pretty simple manner, making it easy to set up the websites and manage them. 

Indian Call Support

Bluehost offers call support in English and many Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, etc. 

Indian Payment Options

Indian payment options such as UPI are a huge advantage for Indian users.

GST Invoice

If you have a GSTIN number, you can also get a GST invoice for your purchase.

Affordable Pricing

The pricing plans of Bluehost start from ₹179/month, which looks like an affordable option even for beginners. 

Cons of Bluehost

Average Support

The customer support of Bluehost is not the most knowledgeable one you’ll come across. Even simple queries require 15-20 minutes to get resolved. 

Inefficient Load Handling

With an unstable response time, the servers of Bluehost cannot handle over 20-25 users at a time. So, websites with high traffic should either upgrade their plan or switch to a different hosting. 

Slow Speeds

Previously, the load speeds offered by Bluehost were terribly slow. But recently, they have also established data centers in India, which would improve their performance in India. is a popular hosting that comes under Newfold Digital. Its pricing plans start from ₹179/month. I have its Choice Plus plan that comes for ₹299/month. 

If you want a hosting for WordPress websites that offers good uptime along with a decent call support, you can go with Bluehost.

Pros of StableHost

Terrific Uptime

StableHost uses the Clustered Hosting model, which ensures impressive uptime. I observed an uptime of 99.99% since the last 167 days on my website hosted on StableHost.

Decent Load Handling

StableHost handled load well with no request failures. However, the average response time was a little high.

Swift Speeds

Because of their use of LiteSpeed servers, you will experience fast speeds in the USA. But for the Indian regions, it offers slower speeds. 

Good Site Builder

They use the drag-and-drop website builder by BaseKit. It helps you design a professional looking web page within minutes! 

Cons of StableHost

Average Support

The live chat support of StableHost is terribly slow. Their replies are quite unhelpful and not so comprehensive.

Poor Backup Management

Backup creation with StableHost is effortless. However, restoring them is quite complex. I received error messages while restoring my backups.  

Difficult for Beginners

The complex features in StableHost might overwhelm beginners. The user interface does not look friendly and easy to use either.

StableHost is a part of the Miss Group that has acquired a lot of hosting companies under it. As of now, they have discounts running on their website. So, you can get their Entry-level plan for $1.75/month. I have purchased their Pro plan that comes at $4.25/month. 

Overall, if you want a hosting with reliable uptime for a US based audience, StableHost is a pretty wise choice. It can even handle large amounts of traffic with ease! 

Pros of BigRock

Hindi Call Support

With BigRock, you get call support in Hindi language. This is highly convenient for Indian customers for getting their queries resolved. 

Good for HTML or PHP Websites 

If you work on HTML or PHP scripts, or Android apps, BigRock would be quite an affordable option for you. 

Windows Hosting 

Unlike most other hosting providers, BigRock also provides you Windows hosting.

UPI Payments

Not everyone has access to International Debit and Credit cards. Thus, the reliable UPI Payments option of BigRock proves beneficial for the Indian users. 

GST Invoices

If you have a GST number of your business, you can get GST invoices for your purchase as well. 

Cons of BigRock

Uptime can be Improved

I have observed a decent uptime of 99.92% since the last 365 days on my website hosted on BigRock. However, they can work on improving it.  

Not Optimized for WordPress

BigRock is not optimized for WordPress websites. So, you’ll have a hard time finding all the required tools and essentials for installing and operating WordPress on your hosting account.

Slow Support

The customer support of BigRock is quite slow in responding to queries, which is why beginners won’t find it friendly and easy to use.

BigRock is one of the oldest hosting services. It comes under the EIG group, which has recently been acquired by Newfold Digital. Its hosting plans start from ₹139/month. I have purchased their Pro plan priced at ₹389/month (for 5 years). 

You can get an additional 30% off by using the discount coupon code:KRIPESH at checkout!

Overall, if you want to create HTML or PHP websites and want Hindi call support, you can go with BigRock. For WordPress websites, you can look at other better hosting solutions. 

Pros of GreenGeeks

Litespeed Servers

They use the fast and reliable Litespeed servers on their hosting plans. Along with that, using the inbuilt Litespeed cache plugin boosts your website’s performance. 

Swift Speeds

You can experience fast speeds in the Europe and the US regions because one of their data centers is in the USA.  

Easy to Use

The user interface of GreenGeeks is straightforward and easy to use. It offers the standard cPanel that helps you manage your entire website from one place. 

Cons of GreenGeeks

Terrible Backup Management

GreenGeeks has the worst backup management I’ve observed in any web hosting service. The automatic backups are performed on irregular dates.

Along with that, the restoration process is quite complex as well. 

Poor Uptime 

The uptime of my website hosted on GreenGeeks has been 99.81% in the last 358 days. This is quite disappointing and they need to work on improving it. 

GreenGeeks hosting has been gaining a lot of popularity in the hosting industry lately. Their hosting plans are slightly high priced, starting from $2.95/month.

So, if you want fast speeds for Europe-based audiences, and can work with an average support, then you can consider GreenGeeks. 

Pros of EasyWP

Easy to Use

The interface of EasyWP is one of the simplest and most friendly interfaces I’ve seen. Thus, it can be a good choice for beginners.

Impressive Speeds in the US

With its data centers in the US, you’ll observe remarkable speeds in the US regions.

Affordable Pricing

Their hosting plans are priced at quite pocket friendly rates for beginners who have never worked with a hosting service before. 

WordPress Optimized

EasyWP hosting is optimized for WordPress based websites. So, you will find all the features and tools required in the WordPress ecosystem.

Decent Uptime 

I observed an uptime of 99.95% in the last 337 days on my website hosted on EasyWP. Though this is quite good, they can definitely work on improving it.  

Cons of EasyWP

Single Website Hosting

Even on the higher plans of EasyWP, you only get to host a single website. 

Poor Load Handling

EasyWP fails miserably at handling load. It rejects a majority of requests and offers an unstable response time with large spikes. You cannot trust this hosting with any serious business. 

Average Support

Though their live chat support is quick, their responses were not satisfactory for hosting related queries.

Cannot Install Cache Plugins

It blocks a bunch of plugins by default, claiming that they interfere with its functionality. This includes many cache plugins. Also, you cannot control its default cache plugin settings either.

No Automated Backups

You can create manual backups and restore them with a single click. However, it does not create automatic backups for you, which is a huge flaw in terms of data security. 

EasyWP is a managed WordPress hosting service offered by Namecheap. It is specifically designed for WordPress sites. Its pricing plans start from an affordable ₹1110/year

So, if you want an easy to use hosting that offers fast speeds for the US-based audience, you can check out EasyWP. However, for high traffic sites, we have some better options on our list. 

Pros of Namecheap

Affordable Pricing

Their Stellar Plan is priced at just ₹1368 for a year, which makes it quite an affordable and budget friendly hosting.

Good speeds in the US

Its Shared web Hosting plans use Litespeed servers. Therefore, you will experience blazing fast speeds, especially in the U.S. region. 

Free Domain for 1 year 

All the hosting plans of Namecheap offer a free domain name for an entire year!

Cons of Namecheap

Average Load Handling

With an unstable response time and a lot of spikes, Namecheap fails at handling load. I won’t recommend using it for a professional website. 

Average Support

Though their live chat support is fast, it lacks quality. Their support staff could not solve queries specifically related to hosting. 

No Backups

Though you can create backups of your hosting account, restoring them is not possible without their customer support team.

Uptime can be Improved

I observed an uptime of 99.87% in the last 342 days. This is quite low when compared to other hosting providers. 

No Asian Data Centers

Namecheap has 3 data centers in the US, UK, and EU regions. Because of no data centers in Asia, you will experience slower speeds in India. 

Namecheap is one of the most prominent names when we talk about domain registrations. However, its hosting services didn’t impress me much. Its pricing plans start from ₹1624 for the Stellar Plan, which is quite budget friendly. 

I would recommend using Namecheap hosting in the following cases:

  • For testing a website.
  • If you have a website with low traffic.
  • For a US based audience.
  • For hosting a 1-2 page website like a portfolio site.


Now, let me sum up this entire article for you. Let us look at which hosting is best for different use cases. 

So, these were my best hosting recommendations for 2022! I hope this article will help you decide on the right hosting for your requirements. If you have any doubts, leave them in the comment box below. I’ll try my best to answer them quickly. 

And if you wish to stay updated with my latest content, you can join my weekly newsletter where I share my latest videos, blog posts, and the best deals and discounts running on digital products. 

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. Keep learning and stay safe. Cheers. 🙂

Written by Jane