Top 10 web hosting companies in pakistan

How to Choose The Best Web Host in Pakistan

Ask yourself what is the purpose of your website? Is it an e-commerce site with daily transactions (hence you need a company that specialises in eCommerce hosting) or is it a magazine, news or regular blog (in which case, looking for a decent shared web host is enough)… Or maybe you’re setting up a business and are looking for a decent web host for small businesses. The hosting company of a transactional website should have extensive security features to protect the sensitive information of the users. A large scale news or magazine site should aim for the hosting service with unlimited storage and bandwidth as it will be producing alot of content and attracting large traffic.

There are a number of factors that you have to keep in mind before selecting a hosting service. Below, we look at some of these considerations when selecting web hosting in Pakistan.

How important is the server location?

Website loading speed is affected by the location of hosting web server. Ideally, the hosting server should be as close as possible to your target audience location.

server location map

Unfortunately, there is no commendable hosting company with hosting servers located in Pakistan. So, if speed is a very critical factor for your website, you should choose a hosting company with servers in Europe or Asia as this is closest to Pakistan.

Check their uptime metrics!

Uptime is the measurement of time that hosting data centers are operational. Usually, a 99.9% uptime means that your website will be alive for the majority of the time year-round and there could be downtime of 1-2 minutes in an odd month. The higher the uptime percentage, the more reliable is the hosting service.

An uptime percentage of 99.94% may seem high, but it’s not ideal for a website with high traffic volume. Choose the hosting services with uptime percentages of at least 99.8%. You can check our live tracking dashboard here for all the top hosting companies we’re currently tracking. Even some of the cheapest web hosting providers should have a very decent uptime.

Disk space can determine the potential size of your site

Disk space feature indicates the amount of data you can store in the hosting server. The data is usually in the form of text, images, and videos. It is best to choose the hosting service that offer unlimited data storage if you have a content-rich website. Also, look for the storage technology the hosting company is using. Currently, the best technology is SSD that provides fast connectivity and loading speeds.

Do you need unlimited bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the rate at which the data is transferred to the users. Whereas data transfer is the amount of data transferred to the users. Usually, the basic hosting plans put a limit on the amount of data transferred. You can go with a basic cheap hosting plan with data transfer limit if you are a beginner and won’t attract much traffic to your website in the early stages. As your website grow, you can always shift to high-tier plans with unlimited data transfers.

How fast are the servers?

Website loading speed is critical that should be considered when choosing a hosting company. Hosting Servers and their locations are the basic factors that affect your website’s speed. The measurements like Time To First Byte (TTFB) gives a good indication of how fast the connectivity of the hosting server is. The ideal TTFB is below 200ms.

Server speed

Consider Speed a serious consideration if you are an e-commerce or a Brand because low-speed website also affects the brand credibility and cause low engagement.

Don’t underestimate the importance of their support systems!

A good hosting company always has good customer support in place that are easy to reach and they are able to resolve the website issues within 24 hours. Most hosting companies offer 24/7 support via live chat, support tickets, email or phone. It best to avoid the hosting company that doesn’t have good support staff in place.

How secure are their servers?

Generally, websites are susceptible to security issues in the form of data breaches, DDOS attacks, malware and hacking. A good web hosting service has features in place that include malware scanning and automatic updates to prevent security issues.

Grab yourself an SSL certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a standard security technology that provides an encrypted connection between your website and the visitors. Search engines like Google prefer websites with SSL certificates and rank them higher to provide their users with websites that are secure and trustworthy.

SSL sertificates

Most hosting plans include a Free SSL certificate, which is ideal if you have a limited budget. Let’s Encrypt is one of the companies that has partnered with many hosting companies and hands out Free SSL certificates.

Are you wondering what web hosting actually is? It is basically a service, which lets individuals or organizations publish their web pages/websites all across the internet. While publishing a web page, the owner needs space to store essential files including HTML, documents, images, and videos. You could say that a web hosting company is a service provider that rents out servers (space) to others who wish to store these materials online. In this article, we have briefed about some of the top web hosting companies of 2022.

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PKR 250.00 /MO

PKR 1800 Yearly

  • Cheap .Com Domain

  • Host 1 Website
  • 0 Sub domain
  • 1 GB SSD Disk Space

  • 30 GB Monthly Transfer
  • Entry Power


  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • 5 POP Email Accounts

  • Basic protection

  • Website Builder

  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Free SSL

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PKR 200.00 /MO

PKR 3200 Yearly

  • Cheap .Com Domain

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  • 50 GB Monthly Transfer
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  • 5 MySQL Database
  • 150 POP Email Accounts

  • Basic protection

  • Website Builder

  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Free SSL

  • Free Migration

  • Money Back Guarantee

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PKR 400.00 /MO

PKR 3900 Yearly

  • Free .com Domain

  • Host 4 Website
  • 3 Sub domains
  • 3 GB SSD Disk Space

  • 100 GB Monthly Transfer
  • Micro Power

  • PHP,Node.JS,WordPress

  • 15 MySQL Databases
  • 800 POP Email Accounts

  • Basic protection

  • Website Builder

  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Free SSL

  • Free Migration

  • Money Back Guarantee

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PKR 500.00 /MO

PKR 4800 Yearly

  • Free .com Domain

  • Host 6 Website
  • 5 Sub domains
  • 5 GB SSD Disk Space

  • 120 GB Monthly Transfer
  • Basic Power

  • PHP,Node.JS,WordPress

  • 35 MySQL Databases
  • 2500 POP Email Accounts

  • Proactive Defence

  • Website Builder

  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Free SSL

  • Free Migration

  • Money Back Guarantee

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It is not like you cannot start any business online and can never earn, in fact, there are many legal ways to do this and the foremost important part of any online business is running a website. It is even more difficult in Pakistan as compared to other countries, being a Pakistani you always have to face many problems regarding how to start an online business due to lack of proper counseling you always go into the wrong hands. Even if a person has done so many courses and he knows how to design a website and how develop a website cannot get the proper benefit out of it. Sometimes people get stuck because they could not find an authentic platform and the other problems that one has to face are due to poor internet banking, management, fraud, an absence of PayPal, and other ways of online banking.

So, actually apart from the other reasons that only a few people are successful online, the main and most important reason is that they know how to select the authentic and valuable web hosting for them. It is one of the chief and the most difficult tasks you have to take care of it whenever you decide to start an online business. As a web owner, you must know that web hosting is the main task you have to perform while doing online business for that p0urpose there are many web hosting sites available, but you are supposed to choose for yourself wisely because all of them are not authentic.

Instead of wasting your time on finding the hosting sites for yourself in Pakistan, where you do not have to worry about the methods of payment anymore because the companies that are going to be mentioned below are top-ranked companies, trusted by so many clients and have a positive reputation in the business of hosting.

Here is a few top web hosting companies, they are as follows:

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2022

1. providing one of the best web hosting in Pakistan since 2001 offering quality website hosting, SSL, domain names, dedicated servers, VPS servers, Business email and a bunch of allied services. It has great administration since 2001 and has an extremely modest VPS server. It’s ideal to begin your business with HostBreak trust-capable administration.

Over the years, Hostbreak has successfully managed to establish its name in the vast world. Today, it hosts thousands of websites of several renowned organizations including USAID, Ripah International University, The Centaurs, and EfroTech. It is also particularly famous for hosting sites. Hostbreak’s servers are set up in the US, France, Germany, and Singapore.

Hostbreak’s technical support is available 24/7. For your ease, someone from their team will always be available to guide you through the entire process.

They offer three different kinds of reseller hosting: Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, and Control Panel Demo. If you are unaware of which type would suit your website, again, you could get in touch with Hostbreak’s team and they will assist you at the earliest.

Some of the valuable features of Hostbreak hosting plans are mentioned below:

The company offers free migration. Hostbreak’s professional team can shift a website from the previous host on to Hostbreak with no extra charges.

2. DomainRacer

If a question arises in your mind which is the best web hosting company in the world? The answer is one and only DomainRacer.

DomainRacer provides pocket-friendly web hosting. DomainRacer does not only deliver Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Server hosting but Application hosting (Web Developer, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PHP, NodeJs, MySQL, etc.) as well.

DomainRacer’s web hosting plans come up with faster LiteSpeed technology, free security, free weekly JetBackup, unlimited data transfer & storage space, high server operational time, 24*7 support via 5+ channels, free premium SEO tool and many things to know.

DomainRacer has more than 7 high-security features like ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS protection and many more. They have multi-server data centers all over the world. According to your necessity, you can select a server location. DomainRacer has a plan for every size of business.

LMS Hosting => If you are tutoring development and you need a host to test the site, then DomainRacer LMS hosting solution is the best choice among all hosting.

Best Features of DomainRacer:

  • Realistic Hosting Price
  • Free HTTPS certificate
  • Offers Hosting Scalability
  • Development Friendly Hosting
  • Unlimited Disk Space + Bandwidth
  • 1-Touch Installs 450+ Application
  • Launched Free SEO Tool
  • Best LMS Hosting Solution

3. GoDaddy

Almost as old as the Internet itself, GoDaddy was destined to give individuals a simple, reasonable approach to get their thoughts on the web. Today, they have more than 13 million clients around the globe, yet their objective is much the same. They’re here to individuals effectively begin, unquestionably develop, and effectively run their own endeavors. Space matters. We associate with our clients and think up computerized magnum opuses in best in class workplaces viable Web Hosting.

4. Host Gator

Hostgator provides its respectable clients with all the possible necessary tools to get a complete functioning web site to start an online career. They do their best to provide the website as soon as possible that you could start your work easily and fast.they  also have a partnership with Weebly, because of that, you can get an affordable and incredible website in less time.

5. Blue Host

BlueHost offering web hosting and domain services with a money-back guarantee.


It could be concluded that Hostbreak is an excellent option not just for newbies but also for professionals. It is indeed one of the cheapest web-hosting providers in the market. Even though Hosbreak provides its services in exchange for less money, they are known to never compromise on quality performance and security.

article updated: April 02, 2022

Written by Jane