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Laptop SSD in Pakistan

Ample data storage nowadays is more of a need, rather than just a want. As the current era has been a boon for the world of technology, the file sizes of even media or office files, that couple of decades ago didn’t even require couple GB of disk space, now require over a TB of storage to get stored on a disk. Buy Laptop SSD in Pakistan

Similarly, as the disk sizes have expanded, the technology required to cater those needs has changed as well. Hard drives, which for years dominated the storage market are now being replaced by Solid State Drives (SSDs), which prove to be faster, power efficient, slimmer and can store tons of data without affecting the performance of the computer system.    

As Paklap promises to bring you the best from all over the world, this section of the store has been dedicated to SSDs that supersede the outmoded hard drives for storage purposes.

A brief overview of what the SSDs at Paklap can do for you is delineated below. Get the Solid State Driver Prices in Pakistan on

Top tier Performance

The latest SSDs at Paklap offer nothing less than sheer brilliance. The state of the art storage devices use the cutting-edge 3D NAND or SATA III technology that allows the SSDs to have lighting fast read and write speed that can go over speeds of 3000MB/s and 2500MB/s respectively.

Moreover, along with seamless transfer rates, these technologies provide tremendously low latency rates and offer extensive responsive capabilities, which result in swifter file execution and ultra-fast boot times for the computer.     


Unlike the hard drives, SSDs are built to handle several tasks at once due to their efficient workload management features and NAS thermal throttling power management.

Whether it involves working with several tools and applications, or involves playing video games with other high-end operations being processed at the back, a decent SSD can handle every task persistently, without slugging down one bit.   


SSDs are designed not only to offer superior performance in the computing systems, but also to provide extensive storage capacities to the users. Ranging from several GBs, the SSDs at Paklap can offer up to 4 TBs of disk space, so that you can store your media, office files, highly demanding games and other applications without worrying one bit about the storage space being inadequate.   


As Paklap features SSDs from only the top brands in its arsenal, all the SSDs allow the users to download the database application from the particular SSD provider.

The database software are extremely handy tools as they offer complete monitoring and management of data, along with allowing the user to migrate data from the previous device to the new SSD.

Moreover, the application also allows the user to download the latest bug fixes and firmware updates to enhance the overall performance of the SSD. Buy Laptop SSD in Pakistan at for reasonable prices


Safety and security are indeed one of the most important aspects of any storage device. Thus, at Paklap, only those SSDs make it to our online collection that assure the protection of the user`s data.

The Latest SSD’s available at Paklap are encrypted with the highest security protocols – AES 256-bit hardware encryption and EEC Algorithms. These standards assure that the data remains safe 24/7, 365 days a year.

Compatibility and Design

From Desktops to Laptops, for a conventional user, the latest SSDs fit in almost everything. It is the industry standard – 2.5 inches’ form factor, which assures that the SSDs are made to fit every high-end performing computing system.

The latest SSDs sport a vibration proof design, as opposed to their predecessors (hard drives), as they feature no moving parts. This results in a prolong life and no noise during computer usage whatsoever.  

Moreover, the SSDs are also compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. It is at the discretion of the user to choose the one that best fits his/her system. Buy Laptop SSD in Pakistan at at the Best Prices

Power Management

The hottest SSDs at Paklap not only offer top-notch performance, but also make sure that they do all of the above by consuming as little power as possible.

The latest pieces feature a sleep mode that inactivates the SSDs when not performing any operation. As a result, not only the SSDs generate less heat, but also prove to be exceedingly power-efficient.

Taking everything into account, SSDs are rightly supplanting outmoded hard drives and are emerging as the new face of data storage devices! Upgrade now and relish the superior, consistent and perpetual performance of SSDs, that too in the lowest price possible, only at your One Stop Shop –!

Happy Paklapping!

Laptops are no more a simple compact box with a screen and a keyboard; they have gotten far away in this line. Now, they are known with different names like Notebook, Tablet phone, Ultra book and a sleek book. Luckily, only a few people can tell from one to another. Same is the case with Laptops in Pakistan, which are known by their brand names rather then their species or genre. offers its customers sizzling packages of laptops and their accessories, depleting upon your need and pocket size. The most well-liked brands offered at include Dell and HP. On the other hand, Sony and Apple are the premium Laptop brands offered by Laptop prices in Pakistan vary with the number of brand names present in the market. also offers some other brands, which include Acer, Asus, Compaq, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba. These Laptop brands may not be as tempting as Apple, Sony, Dell and HP, but are competitive enough as they also provide us some unique features. When these brands are compared, one can clearly tell the difference based on the Laptop Prices in Pakistan; else they all are somewhat similar.

A lay man might pick up a laptop just on the appearance, whereas these brands struggle on the back end to make their product faster and reliable so they get picked up. Moreover, Laptops in Pakistan now focus on the outer side as much as they do to the inner side. has also made it easy for you to compare and choose between two to three laptops at a time, so that you do not have to go through an in-depth analysis of their features, specs as well as prices. Hence, it makes easier for its customers to get the best deal in town.

If you’re looking to replace that HDD of yours with an SSD, look no further than the ADATA SU630.

Improve your existing system’s performance with the Lexar NQ100 2.5” SATA III (6Gb/s) SSD. This easy upgrade gives you faster boot-ups, application load times, and data transfers with read speeds of up to 550MB/s . The NQ100 SSD is shock and vibration resistant, and features no moving parts, making it cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient than a traditional hard disk drive. Available in capacities from 240GB to 1.92TB, the NQ100 will rejuvenate your current laptop or desktop.

Lightweight and shock resistant, WD Green SSDs use no moving parts and help keep your data safe from loss in the case of accidental bumps and drops

Every WD Green SSD includes a 24 months warranty so you can confidently trust WD for all your data needs

Transfer speeds up to 540MB/s and capacities up to 120GB with models available for most desktop and laptop PCs

Choose The Right SSD | Global Computers

The performance of a computer is impacted by the kind of solid-state driver, or SSD, that is being used. It is important to choose a quality drive for your storage needs. Buy from Global Computers to get the best storage options for your computer.

Global Computers has SSDs of the top brands in the world, which offer the largest storage capacity and lead to efficient functioning and performance. There will be no hindrance in processing while you use your device with an SSD. You can leave your storage worries aside once you have invested in a quality driver.

SSDs are quite similar to hard drives, except they are better. You can now let go of your USBs and use the flash memory in a solid-state driver to store your data. Access the data digitally on your device with a faster and better device that is an SSD. Your operating system, games, music and images will be easily accessible after being saved in this storage device.

Why Get An SSD?

Not only are SSDs faster, but they are more durable as well. With the absence of moving parts that can break or wear off, it makes the perfect device for storage. They also use less energy and save battery life.

Obtain instant boot and better load times with SSD, as it does not have to seek out the data mechanically on a spinning platter, like hard drives. This device will improve the performance of your computer with transfer speeds up to 6Gbps (equal to 750 MBs)

Global Computers – The Best Place To Buy Solid State Drivers

We have some of the most competent brands in stock. From HikVision to Lexar and PNY, we have it all! We will fulfil your computer’s storage needs by providing quality storage drives at affordable rates.

When you trust us, you are bound to end up satisfied. We also offer the most competitive SSD price in Pakistan. 

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