Open source hrms with payroll asp net

Open HRMS Implementation

HR management operations are not seen lightly as they will lead to catastrophic effects if not done with dedicated and advanced tools. The OpenHRMS software will act as the definite solution to run all the HR management operations of your company. The implementation of the OpenHRMS software will initially start with pre-requisite planning based on the analysis and requirements that the software can meet in your company operations. Followed by the development of the platform and making it compatible and customizing to suit your operational requirements. Moreover, the final step involves implementing the software into live operations followed by ultimate testing and check on reliability and efficiency. We won’t leave you there with the completed product rather we will train you and will be there to support you in desperate times and needs regarding the HRMS software.

View Packages Special Features of Payroll/Human Resource ERP Source Code ASP Core

Complete Employee Management
All types of payroll will be managed/maintained properly.

ERP Source Code VB.Net

Human Resource Management
From application to training, Dynasty will help you manage the human resource on the enterprise-level.

ERP Source Code C#.Net

Flexible Tax Calculations
Three calculation methods(flat rate, table-based rate, and rule-based rate) are provided, and it will cover the most of payroll calculations.

ERP Source Code ASP Core

3 Overtime Rates
Dynasty can handle three types of overtime rates on a daily-basis or on a periodic-basis.

ERP Source Code VB.Net

Loan/Advance Management
Dynasty can manage the employee loans/advances with payment scheduling.

ERP Source Code C#.Net

will let you handle the daily working hours.

ERP Source Code ASP Core

Piece Work
Dynasty can collect the piece works and do payroll periodically.

ERP Source Code VB.Net

Extra Wage/Bonus
All bonuses/incentives outside the regular salary are handled properly in Dynasty.

ERP Source Code C#.Net

All deductions such as insurances, contributions, and pre/after tax savings are handled properly in Dynasty.

ERP Source Code ASP Core

Split Expense
An employee’s payroll expense can be splitted into multiple expense accounts.

ERP Source Code VB.Net

Search Engine
Simple and yet powerful search abililty is provided.

ERP Source Code C#.Net

All tax types are supported

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HRMRPro is a comprehensive, cost-effective HR solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. For companies operating in a single country, HRMSPro offers you a rich array of modules to suit your requirements—and your budget.HRMSPro is Human resource management system application. HRMSPro includes advanced, rule-based engines for effective HR management. With HRMSPro , you benefit from local control of your global interests. The Enterprise edition is a robust, scalable and extensible system with configurable workflows. Its developer version developer can easy to extend it, because having all crud of all base tables ,dashboard UI charts etc.
Advantages Of This Project.

-Mvc Code first.
-Speed up web development by using ready modules
-Source code available in extended version for further modifications
-Easy to customize this project for developers on extended version
-It hold whole the modules which are mainly required in HRMS
Modules & FeaturesAdministration Module
ESS & Supervisor User Roles
Custom User Roles
User Login Management
Employee Database & Profiles
Employee Reports
Job and Salary History
Administration Module
Corporate Directory
Leave Rule Configuration
Leave / Time-Off Period Configuration – Hire Date Based, Custom
Timesheet and Attendance Reports
Dynamic Report Generator
Create Vacancies & Publish
Integrate System With Company Website
Customizable Application Form & Configurable Screening Questions
Resume Archiving & Parsing
Employee, Job Title or Department Based Competencies
Goal Hierarchy & Custom Review Questions
Custom review forms
Review Managers
Attendance and Evaluation
Video Demo : View Demo
System Requirement.
Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
IIS7 OR above
.Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
Sql Server 2008 OR above

Installation Steps
1. Extract
2. Change Connection string in web.config file.
3. Re-build This project.
4. Create new database dbhrms on your system, Run sql database script on your database
5. your application ready to use now.

Update 28 March 2021

-Implements NLayer architecture.-Remove some bugs

Update 30 Dec 2019

update all packages.fix some bugs.Attendance views, add below all reportAll users date wise,Single user full detail,Office full,Holiday year wise,departments list,Announcement,Note,Policy,Expense date wise,All users attendence,Single user attendence,All Users Termination,Single User Termination,Single user payroll slip,Single user salary slip,Full Year Salary Slip,Per User Leave Application,User Contacts List,Interviews,Interviews Per User,

New Update on 10 june 2019fix some bugsNew Updates 16feb 2017,UI change ,Make Easy to use Flow,Dashboard,Child Tables Dropdown dynamic,

Update 30 Dec 2019New Update on 10 june 2019 fix some bugs New Updates 16feb 2017, UI change , Make Easy to use Flow, Dashboard, Child Tables Dropdown dynamic,

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