Open source helpdesk and customer support ticketing system

When it comes with a “Free Plan” it doesn’t work it limits you somewhere for agent count on the number of tickets.

Moreover, there will be less chance to have one agent for business, it will be greater.

And, per agent cost will take a huge part of your budget which you can be invested as well as somewhere else.

Here is the only solution i.e Free Self-hosted Helpdesk Software where you don’t need to pay for agent wise as well as for ticket count.

However, only a few helpdesks are available which are pure web-based free Open Source oriented else almost take charge of common features.

Drafting out Top 3 Free Open Source Help Desk for Bettering Customer Support Process below:

Top 3 Free Open Source HelpDesk software in 2022

UVdesk Open Source Help Desk 

UVdesk community helpdesk project skeleton packaged along with the bare essential utilities and as well as tools to build and customize your own helpdesk solutions written in PHP language.

However, this PHP-based ticketing system is by far the most powerful yet intuitive and as well as exciting Open Source project of 2022.


Link –

Github Repository –

Forum –


  • Built on top of Symfony/PHP framework
  • Easy to customize and as well as extendable
  • Using MySQL Robust database management system
  • Easy to set up email piping/email ticketing system.
  • Support Custom workflow
  • Users can create their own modules on it.
  • Using a Web application environment with LAMP stack and the next generation of PHP version 7
  • Any LAMP stack developer can easily contribute.
  • Developers don’t need to do an extra effort.
  • Capable of handling new applications.


  • Most of the applications are there few are missing.
  • More community engagement is required.


Open Source Help Desk 

osTicket is a widely-used open source support ticket system. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates inquiries created via email as well as phone, and web-based forms into a simple easy-to-use multi-user web interface. 


Link –

Github Repository –

Forum –


  • This is the best significant advantage i.e OsTicket is free to use.
  • The ticket has a large community that works together.
  • Continuous update and as well as modification.
  • Built using PHP language and as well as MySQL database.
  • It’s secure and as well as scalable, as it uses the LAMP stack.


  • They are not using a composer-based system for dependency management.
  • It doesn’t follow any framework architecture customization can be a little hard.
  • You need to set up again and as well as again for each customization.
  • They don’t have any custom workflow management.
  • There is no application for the marketplace & eCommerce yet.

Zammad Help Desk

Zammad is a web-based open source helpdesk/customer support system. Furthermore, It ships in with a multitude of features for handling customer communications


Link –

Demo –

Community Support –


  • Up to date documentation
  • Build using Ruby language.
  • They have an active and as well as a large community within less time.
  • Hence, continuous updates make it more popular.


  • This is not built on PHP.
  • Developers need to learn Ruby for customization. Hence, they offer API for PHP.
  • They have a lot of issues on Github.
  • A bit complicated to set up.

Other Alternatives[ plugins ]

However, the above list is of dedicated helpdesk platforms. furthermore, there are free and paid plugins are available

Magento 2 ( Adobe commerce ) – Magento 2 helpdesk extension offers native integration of customer support ticket system within the platform.

Prestashop – Prestashop helpdesk addon provides helpdesk integration within the Prestashop store.

Opencart – Opencart Helpdesk Extension provides mailbox and as well as email piping support.


However, keep delivering the best customer support by choosing the right helpdesk tool for your business 🙂 Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issues feel free to raise a ticket from here.

Also, you can check the list of best Open-source CRM software.

Open source helpdesk is software that offers a ticket management system. Built on open source technology, it is a great solution for offering efficient customer support.

There is many helpdesk software on the market, like Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Zoho Desk. However, people have lately been looking for open source helpdesk alternatives to these solutions.

Why? Because open source software has several advantages over proprietary software. Open source helpdesk solutions are flexible, easily scalable, and usually cheaper than their closed source counterparts.

Here are some of the best open source helpdesk solutions you can choose to build an effective customer support system.

Best open source ticketing systems

open source helpdesk

Rocket.Chat enables its users to manage all customer communications from a single place. With this versatile communication platform, you can engage in seamless interactions regardless of how they connect with you: Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Email, SMS…

This open source ticketing system allows you to boost efficiency with a ticketing system, complete chat history, and role-based permissions. You can also embed open source chatbots and machine learning apps with Rocket.Chat to automate conversations.

Since Rocket.Chat can also be self-hosted, it’s a good solution for companies operating in public safety communications or healthcare communication.

open source helpdesk

OSTicket is an open source helpdesk and ticketing system used by more than 5 Million users worldwide, by more than 15,000 businesses. This is of no wonder since its free package offers a wide array of services.

With OSTicket, it’s easy to scale and streamline customer service. Features such as rich dashboard reports, a powerful ticket filtering system, configurable Help topic, and others make it one of the most popular ticketing software out there.

➡️ Find out what are the most popular open source software solutions that you can use in your organization.

open source helpdesk

Faveo is yet another help desk system that has omnichannel features, integrating with social media channels. Their services also include SLA and Priority management, and they offer a built-in knowledge base.

This open source helpdesk supports multiple languages and allows its users to build custom forms and canned responses. Since it’s an open source project, you can change the software’s branding to match your own company’s. 

When it comes to ticketing itself, Faveo has powerful functions such as ticket merging and ticket rating. Open API and in-app notifications also make it user-friendly.

open source helpdesk

UVDesk is a helpdesk system made for multichannel customer service, primarily aimed at eCommerce customers. This PHP-based ticketing system is, just as any other open source solution, easily customizable and extendable.

Users have the possibility to build their own modules and custom support workflows. 

From reviews of this open source ticketing software, we got the impression that its multi-channel support works great, allowing businesses to operate clutter-free.

The fact that UVDesk is mobile-friendly is also an advantage. Add-on features for supervisors enable them to examine agents’ performance, which can prove to be very useful.

In their words, FreeScout is a “super lightweight open source helpdesk solution”. It is built for organizations who want to provide professional customer support, but can’t afford costly solutions such as Zendesk.

FreeScout can be easily deployed on shared hosting. Its features include unlimited support agents, tickets, and mailboxes, push notifications, auto-replies, and much more. 

It’s also multilingual and allows teams to make internal notes and tags, and run satisfaction ratings.

Users love it for a broad spectrum of functionalities that are built on an elegant, user-friendly interface. Due to its integrations with many instant messaging apps, it is truly one of the best open source helpdesk solutions on the market.

We all know that organizations choose open source ticketing solutions due to their flexibility, affordability, and security. Zammad goes a step further – it’s audit-proof, making it a frequent choice of banking institutions. Their ticket history tracking can be used to see who made which changes and when.

Moreover, Zammad offers several other interesting features such as creating individual fields such as specific query classifications. Users can also build custom lists and overviews.

This open source helpdesk also includes full-text search option, Single Sign-On, and numerous integrations. It’s a fully blooded ticketing system with the advantage of being built on open source code! 

open source helpdesk

Hesk’s mission is to empower its customers to provide better customer support, have less support work, and achieve faster response times.

In more than 16 years of its existence, Hesk has been downloaded more than 650,000 times.

This cloud-based helpdesk allows teams to offer better customer support with custom workflows and redefined templates. It has numerous features in its free version, and customers like it for its easy-to-use interface as well as the simple analytics it offers.

What are the benefits of an open source helpdesk?


The biggest benefit of any open source software is its flexibility or level of customization. You can add functions, categories, set user permissions, change the design, and much more with truly open source helpdesk software.

In other words, you can create a helpdesk that you really want.

Omnichannel capabilities

Open source helpdesk solutions almost always offer omnichannel capabilities, offering you the possibility to track tickets coming from various sources within one, centralized system.

You probably don’t need to read the further explanation on how useful this is to raise efficiency for your entire customer support department.


Open source ticketing software has open APIs and integrates with a myriad of third-party systems. Thus, it helps you further customize it and increase operational efficiency or widen the portfolio of services you provide.


One of the most useful benefits of open source software is that it’s easily scalable. Open source helpdesk can be set up when your business is still small, and then be upgraded as you grow and your customer base expands.

However, you need to be careful to choose a system that can support larger amounts of data.


Data security is the reason why many organizations opt for open source helpdesk. Due to its transparent nature, open source software is reviewed by numerous developers and community members that make improvements to its code, often making it more secure.

Helpdesk software is collecting numerous data on customers. Thus, it makes sense to insist on data privacy and shield your business from unpleasant surprises such as cyberattacks.

Cost efficiency

Not all open source software is free. But, considering it customization capabilities and scalability, it’s much more cost-effective than proprietary software. With closed-source software, setting up custom changes and white labeling would cost a lot more, not to mention how long you’d have to wait for the changes to be implemented.

Build your open source ticketing platform with Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat’s open source helpdesk platform is made to handle omnichannel customer service. It is a great way to support your customers with quick and effective support.

Customers love Rocket.Chat because it allows them to be customer-centric while saving them precious time. For Gluu, it meant getting enterprise customers on board.

Since Rocket.Chat’s helpdesk is built on open source, it provides the highest level of customization to its users, making it adjustable for various industry standards.

Contact our team to see how Rocket.Chat can help you serve your customers better.

Written by Jane