Open source document management system with workflow

Top 10 Free and Open Source Document Management System

Top Open Source Document Management System

  • Collects information from digital sources
  • Allows you to put a watermark and a digital signature on important documents
  • Comes with a workflow engine
  • Uses cryptography to encrypt as well as decrypt your documents
  • Works well with all file types
  • It provides metadata as well as categorization support
  • Offers revision history and file expiration features
  • Comes with an automated document review process
  • Supports all common file types and metadata
  • Offers preview images for attachments
  • Comes with WebDAV access
  • Efficient workflow for reviewing documents and approval
  • Makes it easy to create, update or delete documents
  • Comes with a customizable search engine
  • Has a check-in and check-out feature
  • Offers information systems integration
  • Compatible with the desktop as well as smartphones
  • Provides you with access control features
  • Allows you to store, track and manage documents easily
  • Comes with an intuitive dashboard
  • USP:
  • Google Docs offers you multilingual support and makes it easy to convert your documents. Plus, it also keeps your documents completely secure.
  • Works easily on both Android and iOS
  • Offers you both cloud and on-premise server storage
  • Allows you to collaborate better with your colleagues
  • Offers daily free backups
  • Comes with rich metadata
  • Has a native workflow
  • Supports all types of documents
  • Offers you a chance to create storyboards
  • Offers proper email management.
  • Allows you to control access.
  • Provides you with the OCR feature.
  • Comes with a proper workflow management feature.
  • It offers a multilingual desktop and web interface
  • Allows you to import from ZIP archives
  • Has an internal messaging system
  • Comes with excellent security policies

10. Mayan EDMS

  • Offers API documentation
  • Supports all kinds of files
  • Has an efficient dashboard
  • Allows you to manage groups and users easily
Written by Jane