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Whether you are a small business or large corporation, test management is an integral portion of software development. Agile teams and development teams require a testing process as a part of their methodology, and using the best test management tool possible for your team could make all the difference in your day-to-day. 

Some teams prefer open-source test management tools thanks in part to their customizability and (often) low price point. 

In this article, whether you are part of an Agile team, development team, or QA team, I aim to inform you of just some of the best open-source test management tool solutions that will assist with your quality assurance testing and requirements management.


Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best open source test management solutions? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I look for a clean and organized user interface that is easy to navigate with the ability to view everything you need from one page.
  2. Usability: I look for features that allow Agile, Development and Quality Assurance teams to streamline their test process, and can be easily used by all members of the team.
  3. Integrations: I look for useful integrations with the best defect and bug tracking systems so it is easy for the user to link their test cases.

Open Source Test Management: Key Features

  1. Automated Testing: Allows you to write and run test cases to check your website or application for bugs.
  2. Access Control: Allows you to securely provide access and manage authentication of various members of your team.
  3. Bug Tracking: Allows you to list and track the status of your outstanding and recurring bugs.
  4. DevOps: It aims to shorten the systems and project development lifecycle and provide continuous integration.
  5. Reporting System: Allows you to run detailed reports of your test results and provides the ability to export them to various other formats.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Open Source Test Management Tools

Here’s a brief description of each open-source test management platform to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface. 


Katalon Studio

Low-code, cross-platform automated testing

Katalon Studio screenshot - 10 Best Open Source Test Management Tools For 2022

Katalon Studio all-in-one platform for simplified web, mobile, API and desktop (Windows) test automation is the alternative to building traditional frameworks with open-source libraries. Some of its core and built-in features include Object Spy, Debugging UI, Test Artifact Sharing (Page Object Model design), Retry Failed Tests, Smart Wait, Self-Healing and analytics for test reporting.

From small-sized to enterprise-scale projects, Katalon Studio provides all the critical capabilities and utmost stability for functional and end-to-end automated testing. You can expect to cycle through every step in weeks instead of months by applying low-code methods for test design, execution, maintenance, and reporting.

Katalon Studio supports a wide rage of testing methodologies: Keyword-Driven Testing, BDD, DDT, Cross-Browser Testing (Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Safari) and Cross-Platform Mobile Testing (iOS and Android).

Katalon offers native integration with ALM (TestRail, Jira, etc.), CI/CD tools (Jenkins, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, etc.), VCS (Git, Github, Azure DevOps Repos, etc.) and DevOps tools (Docker).

Katalon Studio costs from $69/user/month. They offer a free version, as well as a 30-day trial to test out all premium features for first-time users.

30-day free trial

From $69/user/month

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Easy-to-use, automated browser testing

BugBug is a simple and user-friendly test case management tool that allows Agile, QA, and development teams to complete automated tests. BugBug allows you to automate manual regression tests so you are able to save time in your test process and reduce testing costs. BugBug also allows you to run tests from your continuous integration pipeline.

BugBug is a test management software that allows team members to automate tests without the need to code, allowing any team member to check their websites and applications metrics real-time to ensure that they are operating as they should. It allows Agile teams to streamline their testing efforts and therefore efficiently meet the needs of their stakeholders.

The cost of BugBug is $79.00 per month for the Basic package. The tool also comes with a free version.

14 day free trail

from $49/month

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Fully robust test automation tool without the need for multiple integrations

Zebrunner is a test automation tool that helps create a robust quality assurance process and provides Agile and QA teams extensive test execution and reporting. Zebrunner helps you speed up your test project lifecycle by allowing you the possibility to complete test runs across a variety of devices, emulators and browsers. The dashboards show real-time information, allowing you to track quality and performance.

Zebrunner supports the capabilities achieved through integration all within one tool. Zebrunner allows for extensive levels of testing including UI, API and database, allowing you to cover your bases without the need to integrate with programs such as Jira and REST API. Zebrunner also provides detailed bug reporting, which you can export in Word, Excel spreadsheets and HTML formats.

The cost of Zebrunner starts at $999.00 for the Basic package. Zebrunner also offers a 14-day free trial, and the community edition of the tool can be found on Github.

14 Days Free Trial

$999.00/Basic package

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Compile your all your test cases into one single project

QuAck is an open source test management system that allows you to manage your test cases from one comprehensive tool suite. The tool is based on REST-api, which allows you to do everything you would in the UI in API. QuAck provides a testsuite that allows you to use a set of pre-set filters and groupings, as well as the flexibility to rebuild test suite trees many times over again. Whilst other businesses have several separated projects within a development lifecycle, QuAck allows you to compile all your test cases, test suites and test launches into one single project. Within this feature, QuAck allows you to have all entities of your project live separately without intersections. In addition, each entity can have its own configuration such as permissions restrictions, allowing you to configure and organize your project and separate entities accordingly. QuAck provides integration with tracker platforms such as Bugzilla and Jira. QuAck is fully open source and free to use.

Free To Use

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Offers a cloud version called MyTuleap for quick and easy implementation

Tuleap is a test case management tool that is abundant with features to benefit and improve the test cycles, quality assurance and devOps of Agile teams, including wiki, package management, test management and a clean and organized Agile dashboard. Tuleap provides a number of APIs in order to automate a large amount of actions and the ability to link them with other products including PowerBI.

Tuleap offers a cloud version called MyTuleap which makes implementation of the product quick and easy through a simple user interface, allowing you to create a workflow that corresponds to the needs of your teams and stakeholders. The simple user interface also benefits the Administrators within Agile teams who may not have extensive technological knowledge, allowing them to easily organize and allocate tasks to team members, as well as manage checklists and run reports. This helps improve workflow, allowing for efficient software testing.

Tuleap offers continuous integration with Jenkins, allowing you to integrate with Git and SVN, and track job results on the project dashboard.

The cost of Tuleap starts at $12.50 for the Access package for on-premises needs. For needs within the Cloud, Tuleap is free.

$12.50 for the Access package for on-premises needs

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Free tool for managing software testing in Agile software projects with reporting & usability features

Tarantula is an open-source test management tool which particularly compliments agile test projects. The source code for Tarantula is hosted on Github allows you to effectively test functionality and improve quality assurance within your Agile and QA teams through easier collaboration. Tarantula allows for traceability throughout the test cycle, providing testers the opportunity to streamline test runs.

Tarantula’s dashboard is a user-friendly, clean and organized interface, allowing you to view your open bug tasks, test results, and summaries at a glance. With powerful access control and a smooth flow, the user interface allows you to manage administration of your test cycles and issue tracking easily. This makes it easy for team members to navigate their workflow and therefore helps streamline testing efforts and achieve milestones.

Tarantula integrates with Jira, Bugzilla, and Doors, allowing you to link your test cases and run reports within your bug tracking tools.

Tarantula is a free and fully open-source test management software.

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Open source test case management application built on Ruby on Rail

TestCaseDB is an open source project management tool that allows you to create, update and track test cases and test plans with a simple user interface. TestCaseDB allows you to set up a database in SQL, and also works with tools such as Jira, that you may already use in your QA team.

TestCaseDB has a powerful framework for test automation, which allows users to easily navigate your test cases and to efficiently complete your test runs. TestCaseDB allows you to run your tests directly from the TestCaseDB server and track existing automation using the API.

TestCaseDB integrates with Apache jMeter, allowing for a control and analysis of performance testing.

TestCaseDB is free and a fully open source project management tool.

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Expand the next test case automatically inside an active test run

Nitrate is a test case management tool for Agile teams and development teams, which has extensive features such as automation, access control and reporting. Nitrate’s automation process allows you to reference your specific test scripts in the script field of your test case, which then your test runner extracts the information via Nitrate’s API. This creates a precise test run, therefore improving your testing activities.

A time saving feature of Nitrate when working with manual testing is the ability to expand your next test case inside an active test run automatically. The next test case will expand when another test case status is updated. This allows for test execution in the same order in which they were documented.

Nitrate integrates with defect management tools such as Jira and Jenkins.

Nitrate is a free and fully open source management tool.

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Offers a versatile API layer, and extra integration with Github

Kiwi TCMS is an automated testing and manual testing management system which allows you to complete the QA portion of your development lifecycle by running test cases, tracking progress, and helps you import and export data for reliable testing. Kiwi allows you to easily assign tasks to team members, to view milestones and complete peer reviews through a simple user interface which is user-friendly and ideal for those who find more advanced interfaces overwhelming.

Kiwi provides a versatile and extensive API layer that offers access to all external APIs through JSON and XML, allowing for full creativity with your testing. Kiwi also offers integration with Github designed to work for multi-tenant environments. The plugin provides you the possibility to auto-configure which tenant to use for database operations.

Kiwi integrates with Bugzilla and Jira, as well as extra integration with Github as previously mentioned.

Kiwi TCMS costs $50.00 per month for the Private Tenant SaaS package. Kiwi TCMS also offers a free version.


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A fully web-based tool allowing access to multiple users simultaneously

TestLink is a web-based and open source test case management tool for testers allowing you to create a robust test process by writing test cases, generating test plan documents and complete automated testing and manual testing on projects. This allows Agile teams, QA teams and development teams to track test results dynamically. Administrators and other team members can also manage test case tasks, complete checklists and generate test reports in Word, Excel spreadsheets and HTML formats.

With being web-based, TestLink allows multiple users to access functionality at the same time, making it easy and efficient for team members to assign and complete tasks, speeding up your test cycles and allowing for continuous testing. You can also find the TestLink Open Source Test and Requirements Management System on Github.

TestLink integrates with defect management tools such as Jira, Bugzilla and Mantis, allowing you to link bug tickets with test cases.

TestLink is a free tool and fully open source.

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What Are Test Management Tools?

In addition to bug tracking and test execution, test management tools help Agile teams, Development teams and QA teams take control of the QA portion of the workflow by allowing the possibility of assigning tasks to people within the team and the ability to see whether the task has been performed.  

We go in deeper on the topic in our article, What Are Test Management Tools.

Why Use Open Source Test Management Tools?

Open source test management tools are often readily available and allow for the possibility of defining complex test runs and to view statistics at an advanced level. Open source test management tools also allow you to integrate with bug tracking tools such as Bugzilla and Jenkins, and software testing tools such as Selenium.  

More Test Management Tool Lists

Don’t need open-source test management systems specifically? Try these other lists for the best test management tool lists. 

The Future Of Open Source Test Management Tools

Open source test management tools are becoming more popular with time as developers and testers alike continue to share their knowledge and applications with the online community. With platforms like Github, it is easy to access useful tools to help enhance and streamline project management. Plus, it helps your Agile teams, QA teams, and development teams complete their testing efficiently. As most open source tools are free to download and use, it broadens your variety of choice when it comes to picking the right tool to suit your needs. 

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