How to trade pokemon from x and y to sun and moon

This page covers everything you need to know about the Pokemon Bank for both Generation 7 set of games, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Sun, and Moon.

The following information is all accurate for both Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


Trading Between Sun and Moon with Ultra Sun and Moon works the same as trading between Sun and Moon. See How to Trade Pokemon in Sun and Moon

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As of November 19, 2017, the Pokemon Bank works natively with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, plus Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruba, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, and Moon.

Both Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter must be updated seperately in order for Pokemon Bank to be compatible with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. 


If you’re looking for how to trade Pokemon between Pokemon Sun and Moon, use the Quick Link feature in the Menu and see the how-to.

Pokemon Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon are directly compatible with each other, but are not directly compatible with the Generation 6 series of games: Pokemon X and Y; and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. You need a special app called the Pokemon Bank to transfer your Pokemon between the generations.

Transporting Pokemon into Sun and Moon from Pokemon White, White 2, Black, Black 2 and the Virtual Console games Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver is also possible with Poke Transporter, which comes bundled with Pokemon Bank. 

The apps are available for download in the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS for a $4.99 yearly service fee.

You must connect to WiFi with your 3DS to use the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter, and update both with the November 2017 update before they will work with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Pokemon Bank is an application that allows you to upload and store up to 3000 Pokemon to the internet. It acts much like the PCs you find inside Pokemon Centers in the game, allowing you to view and sort your Pokemon. The service will require an annual fee of $4.99.


Download the app onto the 3DS to use it with any number of physical or digital copies of Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon at any time after obtaining the Pokedex in the game.

While connected to the internet, on your 3DS’ Home Screen, press both L and R buttons to bring up the QR Code capture screen. This QR Code on the right will take you directly to the Pokemon Bank eShop page.

With one of the compatible Pokemon games inserted, you’ll be able to peruse your in-game Pokemon PC to make easy transfers to Pokemon Bank. Your game’s PC Boxes will be viewable and searchable on the bottom screen, and Pokemon Bank will be on the top screen. 


before you transfer

Check what moves you want your Pokemon to have before transferring them to Pokemon Sun and Moon, as they can’t go back! Some Pokemon have much more limited movesets. For example, Weavile can’t learn Knock Off.

Pokemon transfers from the Pokemon Bank into Pokemon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are one way. Meaning, if a Pokemon from X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire in the Pokemon Bank is transferred into Pokemon Sun/Moon/Ultra, it will not be transferable back into the older generation of games (but will be able to go back to Pokemon Bank) Pokemon can be transferred between Sun/Moon and Ultra.

What is Poke Transporter


Pokemon Bank is bundled with another app called Poke Transporter. Take note, Poke Transporter is accessed separately from Pokemon Bank on your 3DS’ menu screen, and is updated separately as well.


Poke Transporter allows you to upload Pokemon from the physical DS games Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 and the 3DS Virtual Console titles Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, into Pokemon Bank.

The transfer is one way, which means once they are transported to the Pokemon Bank, they will not be retrievable by the older generation or Virtual Console games.

Pokemon transported into Pokemon Bank from Virtual Console Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are only transferable into Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

Poke Transporter will not work without purchasing an annual pass for Pokemon Bank.

How to Transfer Gen 5 and Gen 1 with Poke Transporter


Transferring Pokemon from Generation 5 games and Virtual Console Red, Blue and Yellow games to Pokemon Sun and Moon require a few steps:

  1. In your copy of Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, White 2; Virtual Console Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow game, move only the Pokemon you’d like to transfer to the first PC storage box and save the game. 
  2. Open up Poke Transporter (it’s an app separate from the Pokemon Bank on your 3DS’ menu) and transfer all Pokemon in the first box over to the Pokemon Bank’s Transport Box.
  3. Open up Pokemon Bank and transfer the Pokemon from the Transport Box (to the left of Pokemon Bank Box 1) to one of the other regular Pokemon Bank boxes. This can be done one at a time or by selecting multiple Pokemon by clicking the SELECT button before choosing Pokemon with the A button.
  4. Empty the Transport Box of all Pokemon before you repeat the process, as you won’t be able to use Poke Transporter again unless the Transport Box is empty.
  • Mew obtained with glitches and MissingNo cannot be transported into Pokemon Bank. Mew and MissingNo may corrupt other Pokemon’s name data that were held in the same box. 

How are Pokemon’s Stats from Virtual Console Determined?

Only Nintendo Honk Kong released these details. According to, which translated the page, the following will be applied to your Virtual Console Red, Blue and Yellow Pokemon when transferred to Pokemon Bank: 

  • All Pokemon will have their Hidden Ability, if it’s available
  • Guaranteed 3 max IVs
  • Effort Values are erased
  • Gender is random, but ratios in the modern games are factored in.
  • Shiny is based on the Pokemon’s IVs when still in the Gen 1 / 2 game
  • Nature is determined by the Exp. the Pokemon has in the Gen 1 / Gen 2 game (see chart below an Anon posted, currently being passed around on Imgur)

Pokemon Bank and Generation Four


Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter are not compatible with Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, SoulSilver and HeartGold. The Pokemon from these games must first be transported to Pokemon Black or White, which requires two DS or 3DS.

In Pokemon Black or White, go to the Poke Transfer Lab on Route 15. Have the other DS on with the Diamond, Pearl, SoulSilver or HeartGold cartridge inside. Follow the prompts from the Poke Transfer Lab and use DS Download Play on the DS with the older generation game. 

Additional Notes

For the full FAQ, see the Pokemon Bank official website. We’ve highlighted a few note-worthy answers below:

  • Poke Transporter will not be available without Pokemon Bank.
  • You will need an internet connection to use Pokemon Bank.
  • All legal, non-hacked Pokemon can be transferred to the Pokemon Bank.
  • Depositing or withdrawing Pokemon will NOT cause them to evolve if they normally evolve through Trading.
  • If your Pokemon is holding an item, the item will be dropped and sent to your bag before it is transferred to the Bank. If your bag is full, the item will disappear.
  • If you still have Pokemon in the Pokemon Bank when the trial or annual fee period passes, you will have a short time to withdraw your Pokemon. If you don’t withdraw them in this short period, the Pokemon will be lost.

Pokemon Incompatible with Pokemon Bank

As of 11/20/2017, some of the Totem Pokemon received as gifts for collecting Totem Stickers in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are unable to be placed in the Pokemon Bank. This includes:

  • Totem Sized Marowak
  • Totem Sized Araquanid
  • Totem Sized Togedemaru
  • Totem Sized Ribombee


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Unfortunately that is not possible.

You can transfer Pokémon from X/Y/OR/AS to Pokémon Sun/Moon through the Pokébank and you can put Pokémon from Sun/Moon on the Pokébank.

Unfortunately, any Pokémon that has been in a Sun or Moon game cannot be transferred to a 6th generation game (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X or Y) even if it is the game it originally came from

It’s unfortunate but avoids a lot of potential compatibility problems.

This answer to a similar question has the official picture detailing Pokébank capabilities for all the versions starting with the DS games. You should have a look if ever you wish to buy an older game.

This page explains how to trade from Pokémon X to Pokémon Sun.

What You Need

To send pokémon from Pokémon X to Pokémon Sun,you need to download Pokémon Bank from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, then open Pokémon Bank and go to the main menu, then tap “Download Poké Transporter”. If you downloaded Pokémon Sun from the eShop, be sure to download Pokémon Bank to the same 3DS that has the game on it.

Please make sure that your cartridges are genuine Nintendo products! Counterfeit games mightnot be able to trade. For more information, including contact information for reporting bootlegs, visit

Counterfeit games might not be able to trade. For more information, including contact information for reporting bootlegs, visit Nintendo’s anti-piracy web page

In-Game Requirements

Before you can trade from Pokémon X to Pokémon Sun, you need to have the Pokédex.

How to Trade

About Expired Pokémon Bank Passes

It is no longer possible to purchase a new Pokémon Bank Pass, because it is no longer possible to add funds to Nintendo 3DS. If your Pokémon Bank Pass has expired, choose No when prompted to purchase a new pass.

Pokémon Bank will become available at no cost on March 27, 2023. You can still move Pokémon from Pokémon Bank back into Pokémon X without a valid pass, so you may wish to do this to ensure that they do not get deleted. You will be able to move them back into Pokémon Bank starting on March 27, 2023.

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If you don’t have Pokémon Bank or you need to update it,go to Pokémon Bank in the eShop. You can usethe Nintendo 3DS camera and tap the QR code button to scan the following QR Code to go to the PokémonBank page in the eShop.

Pokémon Bank Nintendo 3DS eShop QR Code

Then open Pokémon Bank. If you are prompted for yourpassword, enter itand sign in.

Transfer Pokémon from Pokémon X to Pokémon Bank

If you still have a valid pass, you can still transfer Pokémon from Pokémon X to Pokémon Bank. To do so,open Pokémon Bank. If you are prompted for your password, enter itand sign in.Choose “Use Pokémon Bank” in the Pokémon Bank menu. Use the cursor to choose Pokémon X in the top screen, then choose “Use this game”.

If a message says that your Pokémon Link is full, you will be asked if youstill want to use Pokémon Bank. You won’t lose your gifts if you say Yes.You can get your gifts by opening Pokémon X andchoosing Pokémon Link in the game select menu to receive your gifts fromPokémon Bank.

Back in Pokémon Bank, after you select Pokémon X and choose “Use this Game”,your PC Boxes in Pokémon X will be displayed in the touch screen, and your PokémonBank boxes will be displayed in the upper screen.Use the control pad or circle pad (the stylus cannot be used in PokémonBank) to move the desired pokémon from Boxes in the the touch screen to Boxes in the upper screen.

You can press START to switch between a red cursor, which shows youseveral options when you select a pokémon with it; a blue cursor, whichpicks up one pokémon at a time without showing any options; and a green cursor,which allows you to select multiple pokémon at a time.

When you are done moving your pokémon from Pokémon X to Pokémon Bank boxes, press the X button to save your changes and return to the title screen.

Transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Bank to Pokémon Sun

Press a button to go to the Pokémon Bank menu again. Now select Pokémon Sun and choose “Use this Game”. Then use the control pad or circle pad to move the desired pokémon from the Pokémon Bank box in the top screen to one of your Pokémon SunPC Boxes in the touch screen. When you are done, press X to save and exit.

Written by Jane