How much is an iphone 8 plus worth for trade in

Apple is continually pushing the boundaries of technology’s abilities by innovating and creating new iPhone models. Finding the best resale value for your iPhone is what we do. 

The iPhone 8 became the second most popular iPhone in 2020, with a share of 8.83% of all iPhone web traffic. This means that 8.83% of people like you are leaving money on the table using carriers and stores for trade-ins.

  • Online buyback stores and marketplaces offer much more than in-store trade-ins and carriers.
  • They even beat Apple’s official trade-in deals.

How do we know?  We pull in new prices every day and compare them to find you the highest paying buyback stores online, that’s how 🙂

This is a massive advantage if you are looking to offset the costs of an upgrade or just get your money’s worth from an old device collecting dust at home.

So you have an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus laying around, and you’re wondering what it’s value would be if you were to trade it in. Great, you’ve come to the right place! You might be surprised how simple it is to ditch your old iPhone 8 or 8 Plus and get on with updating to the latest iPhone. But first, let’s find out how much it’s worth and how to get the most value for your trade.

How much is your iPhone 8 worth?

The iPhone 8 is worth between $60 and $215, depending on whether you trade in the Plus model, the storage size, its condition, and whether or not you will take store credit.

How to check your iPhone 8’s trade-in value

It’s not the newest iOS device on the block, so its value isn’t going to be anywhere near your initial purchase price. But if you’re smart, you can probably get a fair buck or two. With the rapid-fire, tick-tock iPhone release cycle, there’s pretty much nothing you can do but just try your best to squeeze out each little dollar.

But that doesn’t mean your iPhone 8 is worthless. You might find it to be worth more than you expected, and there are also other altruistic motives you could use your old iPhone 8 to pursue. If you really just want to recycle it and get that iPhone 8 off your hands, consider trading it in through our trade-in portal where you can get a fair value and avoid the hassle.

Here’s a quick list of trade-in sites that can tell how much your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus is currently valued at. Simply head to their sites to check out how much they’re currently offering:

If you want to do the work of selling your phone yourself, you’ll probably be able to get a little bit more than any of these trade-in programs can offer. Selling your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on eBay, Swappa, Letgo, or Craigslist will almost certainly get you the most money in return for your used goods, but they also require the most effort.

Latest iPhone 8 trade-in values for August 2021

Every month, we go through some of the top trade-in sites to find some of the best deals. Here are some of the top trade-in values for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for August 2021:

Top iPhone 8 trade in values

Top iPhone 8 Plus trade in values

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You can read about your various options for trading in and selling your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in our full ultimate guide. There, you’ll also find even more options for trading in your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to get the max value possible.

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Since the first iPhone was released in September 2007, consumers have flocked to each new passing model over the years, even going so far as to stand in line for hours (and camping out!), waiting for their chance to own the company’s latest device. But just what inspires this level of addiction? Well, it comes down to one simple thing that’s easy to see upon glancing over the company’s line of products – quality. And that includes the iPhone 8.

With premium materials, cutting-edge technologies, and iconic design, Apple’s iPhones consistently push the boundaries of what a smartphone should be. And the quality doesn’t end there. Even some older iPhones have access to the latest iOS updates, extending their use far past the typical upgrade cycle. All this creates yet another bonus for iPhone fans: resale values that aren’t rock-bottom. 

In fact, while brands like Google and Huawei depreciate around 67% and 74% annually, iPhones only lose approximately 43% of their value within the first year. That’s a huge advantage for anyone looking to offset their upgrade costs by trading in their old phone.


How much is an iPhone 8 worth?

So, if you’ve got your eye on the latest iPhone 13 and are wondering what your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus might be worth, we’ve got some good news. Even after so many years past their initial release, the models still get good offers for money.

So how much can you get for your old iPhone 8 right now? Check out our guide below!



How Much Is an iPhone 8 Worth?
     Research, Research, Research
     iPhone 8 Resale Value Comparison Chart
Strike While the iPhone 8 Resale Values Are High


Judging the Value of an iPhone 8

Announced alongside the game-changing iPhone X in September 2017, the iPhone 8 was a familiar face for Apple fans, thanks to its convenient home button (one of the last models to have one) and reliable design. Although it has since been discontinued by Apple, the series remains a popular choice for iPhone owners on a budget, available at third-party retailers for around $350 for an iPhone 8 or $450 for the iPhone 8 Plus (down from their original starting prices of $699 and $799, respectively). 

With an iPhone 14 announcement likely around the corner this year, perhaps you may be considering an upgrade and are curious about how much your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is worth. Overall, the resale value really depends on a number of variables:

 Condition – Scuffs, abrasions,

– Scuffs, abrasions, cracked back glass , or (eep!) functional damage: Whatever the issue, they’ll set you back a bit. Even minor scratches can decrease your buyback offer by around 23% . Expect a higher percentage if there’s further damage past that.

Carrier – Stuck with a certain carrier? Get ready for your resale value to decrease by

– Stuck with a certain carrier? Get ready for your resale value to decrease by 24-51% depending on your provider. Verizon customers can consider yourselves lucky, however, as all phones through them are unlocked automatically two months after purchase. That lowers that percentage quite a bit.

Payment – If given an option, selecting store credit over cash could give your payout a boost, though you’re limited on how you spend it.

Storage size – The bigger your iPhone storage size is, the more moolah you’ll get.

Taking everything into account and depending on which buyback program you use, an iPhone 8 is worth between $65 and $130 while an iPhone 8 Plus is worth between $100 and $198. Please note that these resale values are for a good condition, 256GB iPhone 8 (or iPhone 8 Plus) on the Verizon network. 

Now, the individual offer for your device will vary according to your own phone’s specifications. For example, an iPhone 8 with the same specs that won’t turn on won’t be worth anything at Best Buy. Meanwhile, a never-been-activated iPhone 8 Plus would get you $300 at GadgetGone.


Research iPhone 8 resale values before trading in


Do the Homework and Research

Ready to start your trade-in? Before you rush out for any available offer, it’s important to take some time to see what’s out there. The buyback program you choose can affect your resale value dramatically, with the same phone fetching twice as much or more at certain options. Sure, leaving an ecoATM with $65 in your pocket sounds nice, but wouldn’t $130 (double the amount!) from GadgetGone be even better? Similarly, a $110 account credit is great, but what if you prefer dollars in your pocket?

Whether you’re upgrading or looking for some quick cash, remember to hit the ground running with research first. Be sure to think beyond your carrier, Apple Trade In, or big-box retailers to include buyback sites like GadgetGone or non-traditional trade-in programs like ecoATM, Amazon, and GameStop. And don’t forget to maximize your resale value with special promotions or price-matching (GadgetGone will beat an offer from one of our competitors!)

With just a bit of comparison shopping, you’re sure to find a buyback option that fits your needs and budget. Here’s a guide to help you out!


How much is a iPhone 8 worth


iPhone 8 Resale Value Comparison Chart

To give you a headstart, we rounded up current resale values from a variety of buyback programs. Specifically, the prices below are for a 256GB iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus on the Verizon network in good condition. As previously mentioned, your own offer will change accordingly depending on your iPhone’s storage size, condition, and carrier.

Like the prices you see? Before you decide, check out our reviews of the Amazon Trade-In, Best Buy Trade-In, ecoATM, GameStop Trade-In, Apple Trade In, AT&T Trade-In, T-Mobile Trade-In, and Verizon Device Trade-In programs first. Better safe than sorry!

Got a Good Value For the iPhone 8? Don’t Miss Out!

There’s some good money to be saved here on your next upgrade. But hang on before you head out. 

Resale values fluctuate quite a bit, but no more so than in the 24 hours following the launch of a new iPhone. In fact, you can normally plan on an iPhone’s resale value to plunge about 30% during that time. Not that we’re getting an announcement anytime soon, but you never know.

Once you find an offer you like, be sure to lock it in. You might be thinking, “Yeah, but what about that research?” Luckily, you can actually do both thanks to the price-lock period many trade-in options offer (we here at GadgetGone offer a 14-day one, so you can rest easy a bit). Plus, since there’s no obligation to actually send in your device once you’ve received a quote, you can continue collecting offers until you find one that wins you over all while locking down one of the currently high resale values. That’s a double win right there.


Stack of damaged phones

We can’t forget to mention one more thing that could alter your iPhone 8 resale value, and that’s its condition. During the trade-in process, your phone will be evaluated by hand and with software for both cosmetic and functional issues. If the condition status you gave when requesting a quote doesn’t match the results of the inspection, your offer will be changed accordingly. Yep, it’s frustrating, especially when the trade-in isn’t handled in-house (such as with Amazon). To avoid any hassle and ensure an accurate initial offer, make sure to take an honest look at your iPhone before selecting its condition. That includes screen cracks, body shape, any dents – everything.

If your quote is adjusted and you’re unhappy with what is offered, no worries. GadgetGone and many other buyback companies will be more than happy to send your iPhone back to you, no questions asked, either for free or for a small shipping fee. With some companies, however, (Verizon springs to mind), you can’t change your mind once your device has been received, leaving you without both a phone and its overall value.

Take your time and research the various offers. Decide what works best for you, and then sell! And don’t forget to reach out to us if you have any questions about our program!

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