How long does it take for a trade to go through on roblox

Recently I’ve been sending some trades, and after one individual accepted my trade (link to Roblox Trade page), it has been stuck as “processing” since 6/11/20. The website took 1k robux from my account even though the trade never actually went through, I still have the limited items however. The trade is unable to be cancelled and I’m not able to receive my robux back either.

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To see if this happens to other people, I searched up through a major trading discord to see if anyone else had this problem in the past, this trade below shows a person that has a trade processing from September of 2019 (Image taken from May of 2020)

Note that I don’t formally know either people from this trade, I only found this through searching through a major trading discord (Rolimons).

(O_CaptainZero’s Account appears to be terminated from ROBLOX and im unable to trace the serial number of the other player)

Another trade that I found, another trade that was processing since September 2019 (Image was taken on May 2020).

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This bug is pretty rare but still concerning as items/robux can just be lost and unable to be returned as the trade indefinitely waits to be processed.

I think despite the fact that this is a developer forum, this is really the only access point we have to hear anything of value about things like this. Customer support either cannot or refuses to provide information from engineers that this stuff is actually being worked on. There are enough people out there who use the trading system to warrant this being fixed ASAP. People have been waiting for months, with the same response from customer support that there is no ETA for the fix but it is supposedly coming. I think it is very foolish of Roblox to keep the trade system running as is with a bug with problematic existing. They literally give the bug abusers multiple opportunities to steal from other users and then people like me have to sit for months with no restore. We know Roblox has a restore feature for compromises, so to see that we are being neglected for a bug that will seemingly not be fixed any time soon is super concerning, and I think it deserves an amount of attention on the only platform we really have to express our concern.

I mean this is a subforum for website bugs, no? Any website bug posted here even if not closely related to developing should be tended to. Trading is a selling point of premium to an extent. It should be safe, Roblox cares a whole lot about safety don’t they? The only reason I want to hear more information is because this has been an issue for multiple months, and people have sent support tickets for this since last summer, and we have yet to see a fix.

How to Trade Items on ROBLOX

Have you ever seen a player in a game and wanted their items, only to find out that it was limited time only and is likely to never return to sale? Or maybe you have an item that you don’t like anymore and see a player who has one you want desperately?


Luckily, ROBLOX has its own trading system for players to make safe, and good, trades. And in this guide, we will take you through the steps on how to trade with another player!

How can I trade on ROBLOX? 

Trading on ROBLOX requires a Premium membership, which you can find our breakdown of here. Without this, you can’t initiate a trade, so it’s important to have this subscription. 

If you have the membership, follow these steps to trade: 

  1. Login to ROBLOX and find the player you’d like to trade with (whether through friends or via the search bar at the top of the page!)
  2. Click to open their profile
  3. Click the three dots at the upper right corner and when a menu pops up, click Trade Items 
  4. A new page will open, showing the available items to trade in both yours and the other players inventory
  5. Select the item or items you want to trade, which will be added to the Your Offers list
  6. Select the item or items that you want from the other player. This will be added to the Your Requests list. 
  7. If you want to include Robux as part of your offer, you can. But there’s a 30% transaction fee removed if the offer is accepted.
  8. Review the trade to make sure you’re happy with what you’re offering / requesting. Once a trade occurs, ROBLOX are unable to undo it. 
  9. Once you’re certain of the trade, click Make Offer. A pop-up will ask you to confirm or cancel. Once confirmed, a message will be sent to the other player to let them know. 

How do I accept, decline or counter a trade? 

If you’ve received a trade request, and you want to see it and decide whether to accept, decline or counter it, this is how you can do so! 


  1. Make sure you’re logged into ROBLOX
  2. Head to the Trades Page (this is where you can also see past trades)
  3. Click accept or decline for the trade when it’s shown.
  4. If you don’t like the offer, but are interested in trying to change items, click Counter to edit the trade. Once you’re happy with your counter offer, click Make Offer to make a new trade!

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Written by Jane