Harga ssd nvme adata xpg sx8200 pro 512gb

3.0 out of 5 stars

Definitely better to normal ssds but low speeds when compared to nvme drives.

Reviewed in India on March 26, 2021

🔹️Even though I am not very happy with this drive yet I must say that this purchase has surely left me quite brushed up regarding an NVME SSD purchase.

🔹️The moment, I decided to upgrade my existing 128 GB Samsung NVME bootup drive , it was a real tough task to lock on to the correct parameters to check to be able to finally make a sound purchase.

🔹️I would like to share my journey of this selection process, in case it helps someone like me who is dealing with it for the first time & believe me, there is a lot more to look for beyond mere advertised read write speed.
⭐Bit lengthy but worth reading before shelling out 10 grand.

There is no way ahead, unless you correctly decide what’s the size that you are looking for.

🔹️ If you are planning on using it as a bootup drive then go for no less than 512 GB and if you are into games you can go for anything up to 2 TB depending upon your budget.
🔹️Even if you are not into games – I would suggest not to go below 512 GB as a future proof measure considering the ever-increasing application and software installation sizes.
For mere storage drives , you can opt for normal SATA SSDs rather than NVMEs.
🔹️For any storage or bootup drive just  keep 10 % space free, for optimum disk performance and speed.

♦️I decided to go for a 512 GB version where I got 476.2 GB of usable space. Further windows 10 & office took almost 20 GB, so final usable space for any games installation left is around 450 GB. 

🎯 QLC, TLC or MLC:
This is another very critical deciding feature as it represents the data packing density per cell.

🔹️The QLC is the latest technology and stands for Quad level cell and contains 4 bits per cell. In a similar fashion :
🔹️TLC – Triple level cell & contains 3 bits per cell.   (Pretty fast with decent reliability & cost)
🔹️MLC – Multi level cell & contains 2 bits per cell    ( Super-fast and reliable but very costly )
🔹️SLC – Single level Cell & contains 1 bits per cell. ( Super-fast and reliable but extremely costly )
However with increased data density – the price per GB , write endurance , sustained read write speeds of the drive and the drive reliability goes down.
🔹️So in short , I would suggest to go for a TLC Drive which is an optimum compromise between cost and reliability especially when you are going to install an OS on it.
🔹️Constant data rewrite would not affect its data and speed reliability in such case.
🔹️If it is to be used as a storage drive then you can surely go for a QLC drive like the Samsung QVO.
🔹️MLC & SLC drives are way too costly and impractical for normal users and are mostly meant for servers.
♦️The AData SX8200 has a micron built 64 bit 3D NAND controller with TLC drive with other parameters that led to the purchase.
🔹️This is another important deciding factor, nowadays in the market many SSDs are coming without any of their own Dynamic RAM and utilise the system RAM to cut on the price margins but in the longer run, regarding speed and endurance – I would still suggest going for “with DRAM” SSDs.
🔹️Here, in Adata sx8200 pro The DRAM cache is not disclosed but it is expected to be around 512 MB.
Crucial P1 is one Dram less drive and is surely a lower, budget range option.

🔹️Having Dram would result in sustained speed endurance over time.


👎I read so many reviews on various sites about Adata sx8200 , fast drive speed of 3500/3000 MB/sec including of product own site & amazon description, which also led me to believe so, but here is somewhere I have been misled.
❗❗ Over the actual packet though, it is mentioned as 3000 by 2300 read write but in all other sites its just 3500 by 3000 MB/sec.

👎👎 Edit after two days :

Further in actual , the first day during benchmark test the speeds were atleast like 2800 by 2000..just within two days it has now reduced to a max of 2200 by 1200 MB per sec which is very annoying.

I even installed its original heatsink too but no improvements, the drive reaches 50 degrees from 31 in few seconds during benchmark tests & speeds are so low.

👎 Now i suppose , i will have to initiate customer care procedures & this would surely not be covered under warranty, i am afraid.
♦️Most of them compared its speed to be similar to Samsung Evo 970 plus but reality is way different.
I also know that the drive speed depends upon the hardware that you have too.

🔹️I have an HP omen with core i7 8750 H, GTX 1070 and 16 GB 2666 MHz ram, yet in multiple tests with even fan on – it hardly gave a read rate of 3000 MB/sec, almost 90 percent times it was like 2600 / 2000 MB/sec read write rate which is way below the advertised speed.

🔹️I am not saying that 2600/2000 speed is not good – It is still very fast but this is not about speed anymore , it is more about false advertisements of misleading figures which is wrong.

☝️Edit after 2 days :
Speeds are now 2000 / 1200 MB per sec now.

Toyally disappointed.👎

♦️As for the price difference with Samsung 970 Evo plus, Adata was almost a 1500 bucks cheaper but had I known the advertised speeds were nowhere near 3000 MB/sec, I would have easily gone with extra bucks for Samsung .

☝️Afterall you do not buy these drives very often and I wanted to see and feel those benchmark figures.
An average figure of around 3000 MB/sec would have left me in peace.
🔹️Faster speeds come in handy when playing games or high-resolution videos or video editing. Fastest NVME drives are PCIE gen 4 drives like brand sabrent which offer speeds over 4000 MB/s.

🔹️Further to note is the SLC caching feature in drives, which again, by virtue of its single level architecture is very fast in read write operations.

♦️This drive comes with a XPG heat spreader also with a thermal adhesive for better heat management but I did not use it initially and used the already installed spreader with my previous drive , as a result the NVME drive temperatures shoots to 10 – 12 degrees higher in just few seconds whenever I carried out any speed benchmark tests which is much higher to my previous Samsung PM961 NVME drive.

☝️Edit after 2 days :
Due to sudden speed reduction, i tried after installing the xpg heatsink too but the speeds never rose & the temperatures never reduced.
Rises 15 degrees in few seconds in any graphic intensive application.

⭐ ❗ Speed & thermal management is a complete failure & i regret my decision.

🎯TBW :
🔹️This is the Terabyte Write capacity of the drive before the drive storage starts degrading. In most cases it is more than too much, so do not worry too much for this figure.
♦️In ADATA 512 GB drive the TBW offered is 320 TB which is similar to almost all other nvme drives except corsair where it even offers TBW up to 800 TB.

🔹️In contrast , SATA SSDs offer a TBW of 180 TBW for a capacity of 512 GB.
🎯 COST :
You can Keep them selected in your Wishlist and in event of any sale, you can surely have a good margin at prices.
🔹️For record , Samsung & WD are mostly overpriced so you can go for alternates like Adata, Corsair , Kingston etc which also offer decent speeds and reliability.

🔹️However once again , if you are particular about speed , go for Samsung Evo plus only.

🔹️I got this Adata for 7300 bucks in a sale against 9093 as regular price, which is decent enough, had it been good.

🔹️ This is another very critical feature to look for in practical terms .

🔹️Check for multiple product reviews to ensure low failure rate and high product reliability. Samsung, Western digital, crucial, Kingston, Adata, Transcend etc are some good brands.
🔹️If the drive supports low parity bit checking then depending upon the effective algorithm of error checking by drive onboard controller, one can expect a better reliability & data integrity.

🔹️Check for multiple product reviews to ensure low failure rate and high product reliability. Samsung, Western digital, Adata , Kingston ,Corsair, Crucial , Transcend etc are some good brands.
🔹️Check for warranty periods , Pro versions of SSDs generally come with 5 years of warranty or else 3 years for general drives.
🔹️Service centre availability is another major thing to look for , in case you need their help.
❗❗❗ADATA comes with 5 years of warranty and has many service centres across india , however it does not allow for shipment through post or courier & all RMA goods must be brought to the service center in person.❗❗❗
🤏 Samsung definitely has a deeper penetration across india.
👎The actual speeds for this drive mostly, is just 2200 read / 1200 write MB/sec and its thermal escalation of temperature also is very high which makes me doubtful regarding the longevity of it.

👎Since I am pretty particular about read write figures and actual is very different from advertised speed so I am not happy with this purchase because if we cannot trust the most advertised property then chances for all other parameters like reliability and mean time between failures to go wrong increases too.

However , as an alternative to costly NVMEs , Ifvi assume i received a defective piece , it could be among the better ones with DRAM.

👎 Also after purchase i got to know that you need to visit their service center in person if you have any trouble, no courier is accepted.

So big trouble again here.

🎯 So all in all , even if i assume i got unlucky with a defective piece , this shows the brands poor quality inspection process & hence reliability.

👉 Cannot recommend in any case .Better put some extra money & go with anything else like WD or samsung.

👎 Reducing all stars now.
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👍I will be happy to answer any of your queries too over mail regarding this drive.

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