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zOS Client Web Enablement Toolkit

This repository contains samples that take advantage of the z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit functionality to issue various REST API requests and parse the corresponding JSON content.



This sample demonstrates how to use the toolkit to obtain the distance between two cities using the Geo Services REST API.


This sample demonstrates how to use the z/OS client web enablement toolkit to issue z/OSMF REST Services.


This sample demonstrates how a native z/OS application can use toolkit to download content from a REST API endpoint.


This sample demonstrates how to use the toolkit in Cobol to obtain the information about an airport using the Airport Service REST API.


This sample demonstrates how to use the z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit to post an update to a Slack channel.

Useful Links

z/OS client web enablement documentation

Airport Info is a published REST API that allows applications to pull descriptive information about an airport. The input is a three character IATA code which represents the airport.


This example is based upon an old version of the Cobol code distributed with the Toolkit in SYS1.SAMPLIB. The SAMPLIB version invoked an FAA service that is no longer available.

Prep work

Insure that the service host and port 80 is available to the z/OS system running the example. Recommend that you try to invoke the API using cURL (if it’s available.) The API should return something like:

{"icao":"KLAX","iata":"LAX","name":"Los Angeles International Airport","location":"Los Angeles, CA","country":"United States","country_code":"US","longitude":"-118.408068","latitude":"33.942495","link":"","status":200} 

What to do if you can’t get z/OS to hit

Tiny Server is a freeware web server that runs in Windows and serves files. Install Tiny Server, then create a file named index.htm in C:Program Files (x86)Tiny Server. Cut and paste the JSON response string in to the file. Look through the example code and uncomment the lines that will direct the API to an IP address of your choosing.

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